3M 8524 Scotchcal Textured Surface Overlaminate




3M 8524 Scotchcal Textured Surface Overlaminate

3M 8524 Scotchcal Textured Surface Overlaminate
2 Mil Cast ScotchcalTM Luster Overlaminate.
• Designed for use with IJ8624 Scotchcal™ Textured Surface Vinyl.
• 2 mil cast luster overlaminate.–&fn=8524_LusterOverLam.pdf

Overlaminate 8524 is a 50 micron (0.05mm) film that
provides durable protection when applied to selected 3M
graphic films. It is ideally suited for use on 3M films that
are specifically designed to conform with heat to
moderately textured surfaces, providing better handling and
removal characteristics.
Recommended Types of Graphics
and End Uses
All end use recommendations are based on the graphics
manufacturer and/or installer testing and approving each
unique application surface. The 3M Basic Product Warranty
is offered for the film.
• Refer to the Product Bulletin for the base film you are
using to determine suitable and use.
Physical Characteristics
Characteristic Description
Film Color Clear
Gloss Luster
Thickness Without adhesive: 50 microns(0.05
With adhesive: 80 – 100 microns
(0.08 to 0.10 mm)
Adhesive type Pressure sensitive
Adhesive color Clear
Liner Kraft paper
Resists mild alkalis, mild acids, and salt
Excellent resistance to water
(this does not include immersion)
Warranty Information
Product Only Warranty
This product has been tested and is believed to be a good
product when used as recommended in this bulletin. The
film is covered by the 3M Basic Product Warranty and is
guaranteed to be free of physical and manufacturing
Refer to the Product Bulletin for the base film you are using
for expected durability information.
Warranty and Limited Remedy
The following is made in lieu of all other express or implied
warranties, including any implied warranty of
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or
implied warranty arising out of a course of dealing, custom
or usage of trade: all 3M products are warranted to be free
of defects in materials and manufacture at the time of
shipment and to meet the specifications stated in this
Product Bulletin. 3M will replace or refund the price of any
3M materials that do not meet this warranty within the
specified time periods. These remedies are exclusive. In
no case shall 3M be liable for any direct, indirect, or
consequential damages, including any labour or
non–3M materials charges.
Use the minimum amount of pressure needed and unwind
tension to obtain good lamination. This helps reduce the
chance of the overlaminate tunneling as it is applied to the
base film. However, tunneling will disappear when the
graphic is applied with heat and pressure to a textured
Keep the overlaminated film flat and racked, if possible. If
rolling is required, use the largest roll available (at least
15cm diameter).
Refer to Instruction Bulletin 4.22 for additional details

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