3.2 mil vinyl with gray air egress bubble-free adhesive


DAF Escape – 3.2 mil vinyl with gray air egress (bubble-free) adhesive.

 54 “X164′


3.2 mil vinyl with gray air egress bubble-free adhesive

Escape Air Egress Adhesive Print Film Monomeric Vinyl, 3.15 mils, Grey Adhesive

DAF Escape

is a 3.15 mil Calendered PVC Face Film backed with a high-opacity grey air egress “bubble free” adhesive.  In stock in Gloss, and Matte finishes, this media is for use on Solvent, Eco-Solvent, Latex, and UV Cure printers.  This high performance film will ensure your graphics will print beautifully every time.  The air egress adhesive backing helps to eliminate air bubbles so you can achieve a flawless appearance with ease.   Each roll is suspended and individually boxed.

  • Channels in adhesive release air for an easier bubble-free application.
  • Finish: Gloss & matte.
  • Expected outdoor durability: up to 2+ years under normal conditions.
  • Adhesive: Semi-permanent/grey/solvent acrylic
  • Double coated PE embossed release liner, offers improved stay-flat properties.
  • Final tack: 48 hours.

Escape-PE Air Egress Adhesive Vinyl (Bubble Free/Grey-back) 3.2 mil White Self Adhesive PVC Calendared Monomeric Vinyl Film, Grey adhesive. Featuring; Stay-flat Double PE coated liner (optimized for Mutoh and Seiko Printers.) Easy air release application to flat surfaces like sign panels, graphic boards, painted metal and wood. Grey adhesive offers excellent block-out properties. Key Features & Benefits ・

Finish: Gloss. ・ Expected outdoor durability up to 2 years under normal conditions. ・

Adhesive Permanent grey solvent/acrylic. ・

Double Coated PE embossed release liner, offers improved stay-flat properties. ・ Final tack 48 hours. ・

Compatibility: Use with Solvent, Eco, UV and Latex printers. (Pretest is always recommended.)

Properties: The product offers a Gloss print surface and grey acrylic adhesive.

Handling: Avoid touching material or introducing dust and dirt on to print face.

This can cause anomalies and artifacts when printed.

Always store unused material wound tight in original packaging. Printing: Suggested Media Setting Self Adhesive Vinyl. Suggested maximum ink load is 300% depending on printing platform and RIP software.

Make sure ink is dry when it reaches the take-up reel.

An external dryer or heat lamp will accelerate drying. For best results optimize media feed and bi-directional calibrations. 540-720 dpi, 8 pass,

Bi direction offers a good balance between quality and speed (suggested heaters 40-45c).

Installation: Product offers Air Egress technology resulting in a fast, bubble free application. Product is best for flat surfaces like sign panels


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