BCI Customer Testimonials

(717 customer reviews)

717 reviews for BCI Customer Testimonials

  1. Terrence Newman

    Item I ordered was not what I thought so I asked them if I could exchange it for another. They said it was no problem and just asked what I would prefer instead and didn’t ask for an exchange. It was very quick and easy through their chat system. Very happy with the customer service. Returning things is such a pain so I am glad I did not have to do that.

    Thank you!

  2. Shelly Stanton

    Excellent customer service! Walked us through the order on a phone call. Great personal touch. We asked for a rush and the order was delivered on time. Great sales experience from start to finish!

  3. Beare Homes

    One of the rolls I ordered was larger than expected. I used the chat feature on the Website and within minutes the agent ordered a replacement.. This level of customer service is unheard of today and they’ve earned a lifetime customer.

  4. Joe

    I am very pleased with my order. I have ordered from BCI several times and they have been spot on every time. Their customer service has been great also which is a rarity in this day and age.

  5. Phil Crowther

    Always a great deal, but more importantly, the customer service is top notch.
    As a business owner who prides themselves on customer service, it always dumbfounds me how many companies don’t stand behind their products and services.

  6. William Kenny-United States

    Great customer service, website is very easy to use and the product is always high quality.

  7. Annette Jones

    The products were great. Customer service superior sent 2 customers already

  8. Anne Fitzpatrick

    Perfection every time. Quick delivery and great service. Even when the error was on our end, we reached out to customer service and they were understanding and went out of their way to make sure that we got exactly what we are looking for. We have been ordering from Bci now for over 3 years and even through the pandemic and shortage on products they fulfilled our orders perfectly! I recommend this company to everyone. Bci truly is the royalty of custom merchandise!!!!

  9. John Rossetto

    BCI offers the best in customer service. They take great pride in ensuring customer satisfaction and they treat every customer based on the golden rule: “Treat others like you would want to be treated yourself.”

  10. Frankie Rosario

    I ordered from Bci imaging supplies for the first time based on the reviews and prices of products. I ordered with ease and received the product. Bci stands behind their products, has a great customer service and there are NO gimmicks to their guarantee! You can trust this company and I will definitely order from them again and I encourage everyone else to do so as well!

  11. Letterio Romanelli

    BCi by far is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with, the quality, selection, and customer service is excellent.

  12. Virginia Pimentel

    Awesome products, awesome customer service, awesome to deal with. Will be a return customer.

  13. Mac Salas

    If I could give 100 stars I would
    Great customer service great product great price

  14. Ines Parks

    2nd order from BCi. Phenomenal customer service and products. Just what I needed to take my business to the next level, updated brand recognition!

  15. Lia Ronchi

    Awesome products, awesome customer service, awesome to deal with. Will be a return customer.

  16. Alvaro Andres

    Great customer service, website is very easy to use and the product is always high quality.

  17. Oliva Corradini

    You should do business with this company. Their product is excellent, and the order was delivered on time. Exceptional customer service is provided.

  18. Gregory Irwin

    Thank you for your hard work! For our first order, they went above and beyond, and we couldn’t be happier.

  19. Nora Mason

    Isaac and his team provided get service once again.

  20. Carolina Valsecchi

    Very Helpful, excellent customer service, went above and beyond to make me happy. Great products at reasonable pricing..

  21. Kurt Bastien

    I ordered the wrong item in error. The rep helped me figure out the product I needed. I ordered it and received it at no additional cost. World Class customer service.

  22. Darren Crompton

    This is the third time I’ve ordered from this company and every time I’ve been extremely happy with the service and the merchandise. They’ve got it down to a science, from ordering, to shipping, to following up. Great job once again!

  23. Joe

    My order was perfect the first time. The quality was above my expectations and the delivery time was very fast.

  24. Marcelo Deleon

    great quality, highly recommend their services!

  25. Bertrand Arseneault

    I ordered the wrong item in error. The rep helped me figure out the product I needed. I ordered it and received it at no additional cost.

  26. Ruben Knox

    Everything received as ordered. Excellent service and delivery time. 👍👍👍👍

  27. Shelley Stone

    Awesome price, quality and service!

  28. Brady Young

    Wonderful service
    Staff very caring and attentive, I love you guys, I will not shop anywhere else for sure, you won me, the total experience is out of this world.

  29. Bessie Hopkins

    cheapest for good quality banners. I have been using for years

  30. Andre

    Soooo much easier than others and better price! Thank you!

  31. Steve Moreno

    Best place to order banners!

  32. Joan E

    The quality is great and they’re fast

  33. Cindy

    helpful chat support

  34. Alan

    website easy to use–ordered before and quality was fantastic

  35. Erma Cooper

    Fast shipping, great quality. Can’t beat it.

  36. Anthony

    Fantastic customer service!!!

  37. Jan Soto

    Website is very easy to use

  38. Evan

    Repeat customer for years! Amazing as usual!!!

  39. Priscilla M

    Love BCI Always use them for our banners.

  40. Jerome

    good service and quick to receive them

  41. Ian Rice

    Great product, best price

  42. Kim L

    Purchased before, will again.

  43. James Owens

    Great buy and good deal

  44. Travis Y

    super easy and a great range to choose from.

  45. Joe Underwood

    Excellent products. Excellent delivery and no need for any customer service. What more could an online order need.

  46. Gayle Hale

    I am extra pleased, with the vinyl themselves, and it’s not too often one receives such great attention. Great products, great people to deal with and such extra great delivery time. Thanks.

  47. Preston B

    Easy site to navigate
    Delivery fast
    Great product

  48. Angelica Shaw

    Excellent product!

  49. JoeJustin Gomez

    Great choice of product. Easy to use website

  50. Brian

    Pretty good shopping experience. Have used BCI previously. Happy with product.

  51. Josefina

    Always have what I need at reasonable prices

  52. Tommie G

    You had what I needed.

  53. Laurie Martinez

    helpful chat agent who checked stock for me

  54. Dorothy M

    The layout and menu system make finding a particular item simple and straightforward.

  55. Samuel Gross

    Easy through google search

  56. Donna Zimmerman

    You had exactly what I was looking for.

  57. Ron

    Website is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.

  58. Meghan P

    Only company that has what I need.

  59. Tommie G

    Always has quick delivery with good quality products.

  60. Kim P

    Professional. Great quality. Great Price.

  61. Judy Barton

    For quite a few years I have ordered signs from this company. They come quickly and always exactly what I ordered. I’ve also never had any issues with signs sticking to each other or bleeding.

  62. Arthur Patterson

    Solid straightforward interface, plenty of info available too.

  63. Eileen W

    BCI always does a great job. Fast, reliable, and great quality.

  64. Nora Thompson

    prompt service

  65. Leona G

    Fabulous quality, prompt delivery and product is exactly as described.

  66. Enrique Soto

    Was very simple and easy

  67. Teresa M

    bciimage.com has great service, a high quality product, and great prices.

  68. Ismael

    Great Job Fast!!

  69. Dean

    Very helpful. Very efficient.

  70. Jill Ballard


  71. Arthur Patterson

    Easy to order. Have ordered from these folks before.

  72. Rosemary Hunter

    Been using BCI for many years.

  73. Judy Barton

    love BCI. user friendly and easy to use. happy new year ’22

  74. Eloise Powell

    It was great, I had questions about the sizing and called and your customer service was extremely helpful!

  75. Martin B

    quick and simple to use, thanks

  76. Lena Newton

    A seamless process for ordering signs and they handle your design the way you want it.

  77. Megan R

    Great service and product.

  78. Kathleen

    Very communicative. Nice. Affordable. Helpful. Highly recommend!!

  79. Claude Freeman

    I been a customer for over 10 years Great Service

  80. Jean Murphy

    They are always super quick to respond and answer your questions. Good job

  81. Darrin R

    Great prices!

  82. Alvin Bush

    many products and good prices

  83. Nicholas C

    Always satisfied

  84. Sarah M

    I did not order all my parts correctly and customer contacted me and helped me make my order correct. They were great!

  85. Margie Goodman

    Customer service is very nice to deal with. I placed an order, confirmed it and then cancelled it. No problem. I made another purchase a few days later and followed through. Same great service. I got a high quality product and am very satisfied.

  86. Harold M

    Excellent customer service and quality products.

  87. Bernard Matthews

    simply the best!

  88. Chad G

    Always fast shipping!

  89. Jeffery Abbott

    super fast shipping and great quality products

  90. Lonnie Delgado

    Good communication

  91. Bob Wilkerson

    I appreciate having sample sizes to try out. I’m looking forward to getting more.

  92. Maggie Huff

    Answered all questions and made buying the product easy

  93. Yvette Norton

    Excellent! I’ve been a customer a long time…

  94. Marco L

    So far so good, actually, so far so excellent.

  95. Dallas L

    The custom panel ordering is super easy. I love it!

  96. Lindsey Johnston

    Great customer service. They’ll pick up the phone to double check stuff or question something if they think you may have made a mistake.

  97. Larry M


  98. Alvin Bush

    I love doing business with BCI. The prices are GREAT and so are the people!

  99. Marco L

    Great service team, exceptional quality, very satisfying experience.

  100. Israel C

    as usual, correct and dependable. Never had an issue ….

  101. Leonard H

    Very pleased with prices and website’s ease of use.

  102. Kenneth Long

    Quick and easy to get what I wanted accomplished. Very helpful chat to eliminate issues prior to placing order, too.

  103. Isaac Peterson

    quick and easy thanks

  104. Kim Y

    Repeat customer for years! Amazing as usual!!!

  105. Tom L

    Nice website, fast and free shipping is nice, always good customer service.

  106. Clifton R

    website easy to use–ordered before and quality was fantastic

  107. Nathan P

    Fantastic customer service!!!

  108. Santos Guzman

    Great proofing is super quick .

  109. Santos Guzman

    easy to use design feature; helpful chat support

  110. Brooke C

    Love BCI. Always use them for our banners.

  111. Wm Bennett

    Very good website.

  112. Deborah Glover

    It was a very quick and easy experience to make my signs

  113. Becky S

    Fast shipping, great quality. Can’t beat it.

  114. Gladys Brown

    The quality is great and they’re fast

  115. Brett Mcguire

    cheapest for good quality banners. I have been using for years

  116. Abel K

    Website is very easy to use

  117. David Leary

    The service is amazing! Everyone I’ve had contact with has been knowledgeable, professional & courteous. They have what you need, even in these difficult times. If something is back ordered they will keep you informed of the status. I’ll be coming back for sure.

  118. Brittany Delgado

    Soooo much easier than others and better price! Thank you!

  119. Kim J

    You had what I was looking for. Thanks

  120. Lance Marsh

    Only company that has what I need.

  121. Maryann C

    Great prices, easy ordering

  122. Pedro W

    great convenient

  123. Tim Lowe

    easy thanks for having it in stack

  124. Randy M

    easy to look the item and check out

  125. Kim L

    Easy through google search

  126. Johnathan

    The layout and menu system make finding a particular item simple and straightforward.

  127. Lynda

    So far so good!

  128. Travis Graves

    easy to look the item and check out

  129. Marc P

    helpful chat agent who checked stock for me

  130. Darren

    For many years you have taken great care of us. Never a problem.

  131. James H

    Only company that has what I need.

  132. Erika Y

    Very easy to purchase a hard-to-find product

  133. Lamar F

    Fast shipping and high quality products.

  134. Norma James

    Always a pleasure to shop at BCI on line. Site is very easy to use. (PS: Love their products too)

  135. Keithen J

    Excellent products and the best customer service

  136. Mary Smith

    I have been a shopping for many years.

  137. Deb V.

    easy to order love BCI

  138. Myra Robertson

    Always a pleasure to do business with such a super company with beautiful products and lovely employees. As the years go by, I continue to do business with BCI. And I continue to be extremely pleased with this top notch company and its products.

  139. Kim D

    Easy to maneuver and find what i need. I use the ‘search’ often!

  140. Alvin Brock

    Very pleased with the ease of website on iPhone

  141. Jon K


  142. Agnes Hart

    You can always expect quality product and quality service from BCI.

  143. Jeffery Beck

    So easy and quick to shop.

  144. Susie F

    BCI’s site is well organized and flows easily.

  145. Fannie Obrien

    Best group ive ever been in. Supportive and encouraging. Easy to shop and search for what i need!

  146. Holly Richardson

    No one has better customer service than BCI!!!!

  147. Conrad Gonzales

    Great company. After many orders I would recommend their products and service to anyone.

  148. Jon K

    Quick, helpful chat and easy order process!

  149. Jean B

    Been using BCI for years and am always pleased!

  150. Yolanda B


  151. Holly Vasquez

    faster shipping at similar price to other 3 websites I was checking at the same time

  152. Jorge Bradley

    Always easy to use, great shipping times, great quality, great customer service! My go-to sign shop!

  153. Janice C

    Soooo much easier than others and better price! Thank you!

  154. Ross W

    We re-order this annually when the other sign gets worn out.

  155. Luke Turner

    Fits my needs exactly

  156. Delores Palmer

    Good experience with the product in the past

  157. Guy Snyder

    helpful chat support

  158. Moses Weaver

    It did not take long to complete my order

  159. Jose Tate

    The quality is great and they’re fast

  160. Terry M

    Thank you so much!!!

  161. Dewey Moss

    I have excellent history with BCI!! NEVER disappointed.

  162. H Dennis

    EXCELLENT quality! Very fast delivery.

  163. Eileen M

    Fantastic customer service!!!

  164. Janice C

    Awesome website ordering software, competitive pricing

  165. Sheldon Smith

    Fast shipping, great quality. Can’t beat it.

  166. Troy F

    Nice website, fast and free shipping is nice, always good customer service.

  167. Guy Snyder

    Great product, best price

  168. Luke Turner

    Love BCI. Always use them for our banners.

  169. Mike Anderson

    Repeat customer for years! Amazing as usual!!!

  170. Shannon Drake

    Haven’t had the opportunity to use this site for a while. But it is just as fun and easy as ever. Thank you BCI.

  171. Rachael Flores

    My order was perfect from beginning to end. I ordered one morning and it was on my porch the next day, 4 days earlier than expected.

  172. l Adkins

    cheapest for good quality banners. I have been using for years

  173. Ernest Miller

    Glad to report that the order received were beyond awesome!

  174. Jack K

    Isaac and this company are extraordinary in every positive way. I continue my three-year relationship with this group as the products have proven to be of high quality, remarkable beauty, and they come with the highest of industry standards, but at a reasonable price point and magnificent customer service rarely found anywhere today. And the skilled craftsmanship, turnaround time, generous seasonal discounts, and immediate shipping remain beyond compare. Our organization’s members are customers for life!

  175. Barry Copeland

    order from here each year for my event!!!

  176. Marianne Marshall

    Very easy shopping experience

  177. Merle B

    Convenient because the website is user-friendly and has a Pay Pal check out.

  178. Greg Hale

    Website easy to navigate, ordering was easy. Shipping was very fast.

  179. Christian Cain

    Fast and easy, excellent service

  180. Barbara Medina

    Best customer service ever!! That’s what I experienced from this team. When I informed them about the urgency to get the vinyl in 2 days, they came up with a quick solution and helped me by providing 1 day shipping from their nearest warehouse. I was amazed and delighted by the level of support that they provided for my order.

  181. Madeline Daniel

    Pain-free. Thank you!

  182. L S

    Timely delivery and great product!

  183. Willis Strickland

    This was my second year using BCI Imaging Supplies. The experience was even better the second time around! Even Faster with the same quality. I look forward to next years transaction.

  184. Irvin Rice

    Best prices, quality, & customer service

  185. Ginger Morton

    This is my second time buying from BCI. Thank you.

  186. J W

    BCI always has the best supplies available and they always ship quickly!

  187. Ellis Bowman

    its up to you now to see how my experience will be. So far, its been good

  188. Frank P

    Great website, great inventory, great deals. I appreciate that items have very detailed information.

  189. Bryant F

    Much easier than expected.

  190. H G

    Fast service

  191. Jesse Rodriguez

    First time using PayPal to buy some thing on the Internet so far the experience has been great

  192. Essie P

    Your Customer Service is exemplary. Thank You

  193. Hector Grant

    Easy as it could be!

  194. Jim K

    Simple, straightforward website and ordering process.

  195. Daisy Norman

    Thanks for having the product I need.

  196. Brad Alexander

    The product arrived early. Thank you.

  197. Margie R

    Excellent company and prompt service.

  198. Crystal Mack

    Spoke with a sales person, very efficient, very helpful.

  199. Courtney B

    straightforward, easy to use

  200. Ginger Morton

    Great job in finding my item that is lo longer carried in Home Depot or Lowe’s

  201. Todd Richardson

    Love PAY PAL shopping.

  202. Joe


    We understand your disappointment with this order and agree that this is not acceptable.

    It’s important to us that our customers are more than satisfied.

    1) We looked in to this and saw the email with option to pay was sent when site was back on on 8/24/20. (maybe went to your spam)

    2) Our phone records show that we called back and went in to voicemail which was full so we tried to text to make sure you are updated.

    3) Since manufacturer Oracle is on back order with this matte black vinyl we offered 2 alternatives from other brands.

    Welcome further discussion to hopefully resolve your issue.

  203. Very Upset Customer

    The worst experiance I have ever had with a company! I ordered online on the 22nd of August. Knowing shipping can be difficult during COVID I was very patient. When I called someone answered and just said “hello” like I was calling his home phone. I said Im sorry I thought I was calling a business. He then said “oh..hello BCI,”. So once I finally contacted the company and gave them my name they had my order. Told me that I must have ordered when their system was down because my payment didn’t process. Yet they never contacted me. After speaking to this guy I asked for a CALL back. I received a text message. So I called again. He claimed he called……but the only call I got moments before my text from him was a spam call from Russia (which of course I’m not answering ) with the number of +71878242028. He laughed at me telling me they are from the US…..Not so sure about that. Now the Item I ordered for my customer is back ordered for 2-3 MORE weeks! Do NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Find someone else, anyone else. Unless you are okay waiting a month and then another month.

  204. Julio R

    Always easy to find parts I am looking for at competitive prices

  205. Jeannette Clark

    Easy to find what I was looking for at a great price.

  206. Kenny W

    Site easy to use. Had been unable to find a replacement to my previous same attachment. Happy to find it again!

  207. Bryan Long

    Easy to buy here, good people.

  208. Charlie Reese

    So far, so good. Website is easy to navigate and prices seem competitive.

  209. Kelley Estrada

    Awesome staff, quick response and very helpful.

  210. Erick M

    So far so good with an easy order interface. Hoping for quick shipping and and a timely delivery.

  211. Noel Gordon

    Awesome site! Have always had exactly what I needed.

  212. Holly Haynes

    Easy web site to navigate. Chat feature very helpful.

  213. Ralph Riley

    This is my first time ordering from you but everything went smoothly

  214. Ramona Walters

    Just what I needed at a fair price and fast shipping

  215. Wm Sanchez

    Nice layout. Checkout was easy to do.

  216. Clark Smith

    Thanks for offering next day shipping!

  217. Denise Fletcher

    great website.. no problems at all. excellent prices too

  218. Elmer Burke

    quick and easy. was able to find what I wanted and complete the order in minutes….thank you.

  219. Melanie Simon

    Nice easy transaction, very happy with purchase

  220. Ramona Walters

    Painless, received exactly what was needed, and the prices were moderate. I will definitely use this supplier again!

  221. Ellis Swanson

    Quick and easy!! Excellent!!

  222. Gail Kelley

    I was pleased with seeing the prices, and speedy delivery.i really appreciate it!

  223. Cynthia Andrews

    Good, prompt response which is appreciated.

  224. Jacquelyn Garrett

    Always quick and easy. Always seems to be in stock

  225. Michael Long

    Like being able to pay with PayPal

  226. Danielle Stevenson

    The site was easy to use and I found what I needed at a great price compared to other places.

  227. Julia Munoz

    BCI had exactly what I needed…website easy to navigate and product easy to find.

  228. Rosemarie Nash

    A+ service!

  229. Rene Romero

    This is the first time I have ordered from your site, but I found it to be quick, and efficient.

  230. Martin Turner

    Had what I needed, should be here quickly, and competitive pricing!

  231. Melanie Hicks

    Was very pleased what I needed was in stock…thank you so much!

  232. Phil Cruz

    Been looking everywhere locally for these…glad I found your site. I’ll be visiting again…

  233. Joy Strickland

    Product technical references are spot on, prices are on target, website is user friendly

  234. Marcos Mathis

    Very easy checkout. Products are very well priced

  235. Phyllis Page

    found what i needed and got it ordered in a very short period of time

  236. Whitney Rogers

    Satisfied with overall experience. We will most likely be purchasing from you in the future. Thank you.

  237. Heather Flores

    Excellent pricing and easy to order online. They answer the phones fast and I’m looking forward to no issues with shipping.

  238. Isabel Kim

    Easy to browse for correct product, and competitively priced.

  239. Gregg Gutierrez

    No problems at all. Thank you.

  240. Phyllis Page


  241. Sarah Newton

    Only company that had what I wanted and it was at a good price.

  242. Levi Reeves

    Repeat buyer from this site, reliable service and great products

  243. Emanuel Lawson

    Best price on the NET with quick delivery! thank you.

  244. Jorge Ford

    They had the product I was looking for and I also appreciated the discount.

  245. Dallas Hawkins

    Order was accurate and arrived in a timely manner

  246. Harry Torres

    great prices – good shipping rates – easy and fast checkout

  247. Margie Austin

    I ordered everything over the phone as I had a few questions–they were very helpful and the items arrived earlier than expected. I haven’t opened all the packages, but initially, everything looks complete.

  248. Emanuel Lawson

    Ordering process was easy, price was reasonable & item arrived within the specified time. I would shop here again

  249. Lonnie Cannon

    Have everything we need at a affordable prices!

  250. Geneva Becker

    I was very impressed with the product especially considering the reasonable price

  251. Lisa Henry

    They were quick and very easy to work with

  252. Bernadette Jackson

    Great products!! Love them

  253. Erica Frazier

    Hoping product quality matches ease of ordering. Edit: product was exactly as ordered… Amazing job!!!

  254. Mona Wagner

    item was well made and looks really good on the wall

  255. Billy Mullins

    It’s fast and easy and also like the prices.

  256. Christy Campbell

    items in stock that others are sold out of and great selection/prices

  257. Mable Maxwell

    I love that, when what I wanted was discontinued, you showed me other options. Also, your shipping rates are good AND you have paypal!

  258. Becky Burton

    Always very satisfied with my orders

  259. Nettie Gonzales

    I was extremely pleased with the canvas that I received! It was high quality material and the colors were bright, clear and beautiful.

  260. Leigh Brown

    I was very pleased with my order.

  261. Janice Burgess

    I have now received my order and am totally satisfied with it and I will be more than happy to deal with them again. Highly recommend.

  262. Kayla Robertson

    Great! Will definitely be ordering again.

  263. Tricia Lloyd

    So far, so good. We’ll see how the product is and how timely they are

  264. Veronica Walton

    Super quick! My canvases turned out great!

  265. Opal Mathis

    nice price, quick&easy ordering, what’s not to like?

  266. Bennie Wong

    They had what I was looking for, and checkout was fast and easy

  267. Kristin Simmons

    Found what I needed where I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

  268. Alfred H

    It was fast easy and half what Amazon was selling for

  269. Nicolas Lee


  270. Tyler Patrick

    Very easy and LOVE the fast shipping

  271. Antonia Romero

    If shipping is as quick as you say, I am a customer for good!

  272. Nathan Curtis

    “I’v purchased from you a couple of times before – and you’ve always been well priced and provided good delivery service. thanks

  273. George Welch

    price was better than at other sites and my order arrived earlier than anticipated.

  274. Winston Roberson


  275. Celia Nash

    Happy to finally find the product I needed.

  276. Emmett A

    Service was great.

  277. Amber Larson

    Fair price, hard-to-find part, grateful for your service

  278. Norman Mendoza

    Easy to navigate website and real human customer support in addition to fair prices and quick delivery. Highly recommended!!

  279. Darryl Garza

    You had exactly what I was looking for with the best prices on the internet!

  280. Ida Stanley

    The initial order I received had defects but customer service went above and beyond to fix it. In the end I was over the moon with the quality of service I received. I always recommend BCI to the online vinyl groups I’m a part of because they stand by your product. Thanks for the great service and great products, I will always be a loyal customer.

  281. John L.

    Always quick to ship and have the best prices I’ve found!

  282. Monica Stevenson

    Great Company! They ship super fast and very pleased with overall customer service! This is my go to to order vinyl for our shop:)

  283. Ted Estrada

    Always great service and fast shipping! Highly recommended! A+

  284. Mae Marsh

    Great customer service and products

  285. Ervin Sims

    Always easy and the user interface is super friendly. Great company overall!

  286. Angelica Potter

    Your online order is easy and customer friendly. Shipping is super fast.

  287. Estelle Clarke

    Always easy and great experience

  288. Courtney Simmons


  289. Freda Gordon

    Awesome shopping experience and great products and support

  290. Laurie Lindsey

    Good selection, great shipping price options and good customer service when I need information.

  291. Meredith Banks

    I LOVE BCI! Thank you for your consistence pricing, easy to use website and free shipping!

  292. Toby Parsons

    You guys are AWESOME. You have everything we need all the time. THANK YOU !!!!

  293. Silvia Simpson

    I have ordered from BCI for about 13 years now. I don’t even look at other places!

  294. Opal Bates

    I return to bciimage.com every time for all my vinyl and sign making needs! Selection and price are great, and their customer service raises the bar unattainable high.

  295. Gary Hall

    Every time I order from you, I am always happy with the entire process! Thank you!

  296. Darrel Carlson

    Awesome fast and very best customer service

  297. Nellie Daniels

    The ONLY place that carries exactly what I need for a price I can afford!

  298. Earnest Scot

    Didn’t know what to get – called got a super nice man at customer service and now what I need is on its way – Thank you

  299. Marvin Patterson

    The replacement product worked as it was supposed to do. Thank you

  300. Alma Townsend

    very easy. someone sent me the link of what they wanted ordered and it sent me to part he wanted and I just had to enter my payment & shipping information. sometimes the link times out and I have to search for the item but this was very easy!!

  301. Homer Ramos


  302. Aubrey Ross

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    In the last five years I have come to the conclusion that BCI is the best on-line shop I have ever dealt with. The prices are excellent, telephone agents are helpful and well versed in the products they sell, and post purchase customer support is unparalleled. I have bought a lot of items been completely satisfied with each and every transaction.

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    I have ordered multiple items over the past few years and I am always satisfied. My last order had a couple of broken items, as an online retailer myself I know that happens, I emailed a picture on a Sunday, they replied within a couple of hours and my replacements were shipping to me on Monday. My replacement arrived in perfect condition. One order was for an item I could not locate on their website, because I was not sure what to call it. I emailed, described it and they quickly replied with a link to the item. You don’t know if a place is good/bad until something goes wrong or you need assistance finding something and they scored 5 stars on both accounts.

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    Prices online are very competitive and am happy with their return policy. I was worried about sending back for shipping but everything went smooth. After getting an approved RMA they received the return and i was credited back my money. Bob O helped me with my recent return and he was good.

    Just don’t follow up too much on the reviews and just order from a place with a good return policy.

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    The product selection is second to none in the city and the knowledge of the staff who actually work in whatever field you’re interested in is also great. When shopping at other stores, you may get an associate who only had a week of training but the staff at BCI have years of experience in their respective fields.

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    HI Sorry about this Issue with this we emailed you already that this is a 3M special order with a 10-12 day lead time and we emailed already tracking

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    My last order had a couple of broken items, as an online retailer myself I know that happens, I emailed a picture on a Sunday, they replied within a couple of hours and my replacements were shipping to me on Monday. My replacement arrived in perfect condition. One order was for an item I could not locate on their website, because I was not sure what to call it. I emailed, described it and they quickly replied with a link to the item. You don’t know if a place is good/bad until something goes wrong or you need assistance finding something and they scored 5 stars on both accounts.

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    I wish all my suppliers would deal with such expertise and care.

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