Chartpak AD Markers 6 per pack P152 Blush



Chartpak AD Markers 6 per pack P152 Blush

The original Art and Design Marker, AD® Markers have a xylene base with a tri-nib tip. The color laydown, ink capacity, and special effects are truly unique features and differentiate them from many alcohol markers on the market. They are incredibly “juicy,” brilliantly colored, and transparent, which allows for blending and mixing. The blender marker helps create gradients and transfers toner-based images onto most smooth surfaces. Made in the USA!
Tri-Nib Tip: 3 Line Widths in one Nib
131 Colors + Blender
Xylene markers were a staple for advertising, fashion, and conceptual illustration from the 1950s-1980s. In 1974, AD Marker was developed and quickly became a favorite with artists and designers. The brilliant colored, transparent marker strokes are a classic feature of this era of illustration. Today, AD® Marker is the top of its class for Art and Design. It’s one of the few xylene markers still available in the market and has outperformed many of its competitors over the years. Their laydown, ink capacity, and special effects are genuinely unique.

A xylene marker’s properties are unlike all alcohol-based markers common to the marketplace, and while they are compatible with one another, they perform very differently. There is no mistaking the scent of a xylene marker, and for this reason we always suggest using them in a well-ventilated area. These markers blend, transfer, and are permanent on many porous and non-porous substrates. Not recommended for use on Styrofoam.
AD® Marker comes in a variety of wood tones with the tri-nib point for framing, furniture touch up, and woodworking. Use the blender to create the perfect tone to cover scratches and nicks in stained wood. Markers are available individually and in sets of 9 and 25 under Woodcrafter’s Markers, Frame Touch Up Markers, and Furniture Touch Up Markers.

The AD® Marker blender has a wide range of uses when used with colored AD® Markers and other media. It renders beautifully blended strokes with colored AD® Markers, creates gradients, and can be used to mix colors like a paintbrush when mixed on acetate. They will create highlights by lifting color. A unique use for the Blender is to transfer images. Images printed from a laser printer or copier will transfer onto wood, fabric, printing blocks, and more. The Blender can create dreamy, watercolor-like effects when used over colored pencil, graphite, and charcoal. Our extensive 131 color line is available individually and in sets.



The Tri-Nib is the signature nib of the AD® Marker. With a twist of the wrist, you can go from a thin, to medium, to a thick stroke within the same marker. The nib allows for smooth, continuous color flow that doesn’t starve or dry out with rapid or prolonged use. The Tri-Nib is removable and is available in packs of 5.

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