Digital Textile Banner – KIP80855


Digital Textile Banner – KIP80855


Kip Color 80

Digital Textile Banner – KIP80855



Product Description Digital Textile Banner is the perfect media for indoor long term or short term outdoor banners and technical documents. The wet strength, smooth surface and light gloss coating are perfect for soft POP signage or roll-up banner stands. Priced competitively with polypropylene, but with more strength and durability, the product is virtually tear-proof. This low cost solution is excellent for all of your banner needs yet inexpensive enough for weather-proof technical documents such as maps and aerial photographs.


Applications Display Graphics Applications • Indoor Banner • Outdoor Banner (with proper grommets and banner tape) • Roll-up Banner Stands • X Banner Stand • Mount to board for water proof sign Technical Applications • Weather proof A/E/C documents • GIS mapping

Weight: 7 mil / 140 gsm Opacity: 96% Brightness: 101 Finish: Satin

Printer Conditions Strict conditions apply: Temperature: 59 to 80F / 15 to 27C Relative Humidity: 40 – 55% RH • Printer Conditions must be strictly adhered to for this media. Relative Humidity below 40% may cause print quality issues. Stacking assistance may be necessary for images longer than 24” or with heavy coverage.

Printer Settings Use the KIP Media Manager to select a compatible Media Name and corresponding Media Group based on the factory System Preset. This sets the correct Fuser Temperature, Transfer Voltages and Back up Data Settings for the specific media utilized at the correct Relative Humidity level. Media Name: 7 mil Textile Media Group: Special 3 (20) To customize the corresponding Media Name, use the Media Manager COPY function to duplicate and name as required.

• For outdoor longer term banner, we recommend that the outside 1” margin is seamed with double strength carpet/banner tape. This allows for grommets to hold multiple layers of banner media, plus the banner tape. The banner tape also adds to the strength of banner. Wind reliefs should be applied as necessary. • Please check with the local KIP location in your country for availability. Additional shipping costs may be required and are the responsibility of the purchaser. • You may experience print quality issues based on heavy toner coverage, environmental conditions and system maintenance. • Cleaning of the paper path with an anti-static spray such as Brillianize may be necessary on a daily or weekly basis for high volume usage.






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