GATORFOAM WHITE 3/4″ 48″ X 96″


10 sheets per pack


GATORFOAM WHITE 3/4″ 48″ X 96″

8 sheets per pack

  • Gatorfoam, also know as Gator Board, is the industry’s leading heavy-duty foam board. Instead of foam board’s paper surface, Gatorfoam is comprised of a wood pulp impregnated with plastic surface. The wood fiber veneer provides a high structural strength. It is extremely durable, long lasting, and reusable.This material can be directly printed on and safe for any kind of paint. Mounting is best with any water based glue. It is easily cut with a power tool or saw and can be routed into shapes as well. Best for inside use.Gatorfoam has very low acid, any off-gassing can be prevented by sealing the edges.Veneers in all white, all black, black and white, and kraft (natural). It is also available with a high-tack adhesive coating.Available up to 2″ thick. If you are looking for the optimal in lightness and strength, choose the thicker sizes, they are incredibly warp resistant.
  • Gatorfoam Board is a light weight resilient foam board product. It differs from standard foam board in that standard foam board has a paper surface on both sides. Gatorfoam board is a unique product with has a wood laminate surface on both sides giving it a tough surface. It is jst slightly heavier then standard foam board. Gatorfoam Board is used for many purposes. It is used more as a permanent substrate where standard foam board is used a temporary substrates, easily disposable.
    Gatorfoam board is manufactured in 48 x 96 inch sheets and 60 x 120 inch sheets. It comes 3/16th inch thick up to to 3 inches thick. One sheet of 48 x 96 x 1/2 inch thick Gator Board weighs 10 lbs.
    Gator Board comes 3/16th,1/2, 3/4, 1, 1.5, 2,and recently 3 inch thick has been added.


  • GATORFOAM WHITE 3/4″ 48″ X 96″

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