KIPFUS75 Fusion Soft Polyester 7.5 mil Digital Synthetic Banner


KIPFUS75 Fusion Soft Polyester 7.5 mil Digital Synthetic Banner


Kip Color 80

KIPFUS75 Fusion Soft Polyester 7.5 mil Digital Synthetic Banner


Standard core -3″PSO




Our weatherproof film products are designed to mimic the thickness, weight, whiteness and feel
of a premium bond while being waterproof and extremely tear resistant.

Specialty film is heat stabilized polyester film with excellent toner adhesion. Designed for durability and great imaging. Superior tear resistance, requires no lamination. This media is capable of accepting banner tape and grommets to strengthen outdoor durability.

Fusion Soft Polyester 7.5 – Digital Synthetic Banner is an alternative to vinyl and Tyvek™ banner media. The media combines the characteristics of polyester and paper. The media is stain and tear resistant and waterproof, providing durability for both indoor and outdoor situations. Compared to other polyester materials, static build-up is not a problem which assures uninterrupted print runs. The product is stiff enough to use in banner stands without wrinkling during repeated use. Excellent use for hanging banners, X and roll-up banner stands

Applications Display Graphics Applications:

• Indoor Banner • Outdoor Banner (with proper grommets and banner tape) • Grocery store signage • X Banner stand • Roll-up Banner stand • Mount to board for waterproof sign • Campaign Events

Width & Length 24” x 200’, 36” x 200’

Printer Conditions Special conditions apply: Temperature: 59 to 80F / 15 to 27C Relative Humidity: 40 – 55% RH • Printer Conditions must be strictly adhered to for this media. Relative Humidity below 40% may cause print quality issues. Stacking assistance may be necessary for images longer than 24” or with heavy coverage.

Notes: • For outdoor longer term banner, we recommend that the outside 1” margin is seamed with double strength carpet/banner tape. This allows for grommets to hold multiple layers of banner media, plus the banner tape. The banner tape also adds to the strength of banner. Wind reliefs should be applied as necessary. • Please check with the local KIP location in your country for availability. Additional shipping costs may be required and are the responsibility of the purchaser. • You may experience print quality issues based on heavy toner coverage, environmental conditions and system maintenance. • Cleaning of the paper path with an anti-static spray such as Brillianize may be necessary on a daily or weekly basis for high volume usage.

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