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Mactac MAClite 5700 Reflective Vinyl Red 5759-00
MAClite 5700 Reflective Vinyl Series
Product Description
MAClite 5700 is a flexible reflective film (Engineering Grade) providing wide-angle reflectivity of
incident light and giving excellent night and day visibility. The face is made with a layer of microscopic
glass beads of a high optical quality. These are embedded into a colored film, which then act as lenses.
A metallized back provides the mirrored surface for reflection.
The film is coated with a white, high strength, permanent, acrylic adhesive. A 92# white polycoated
paper liner offers stability and excellent layflat qualities. MAClite 5700 is easy to cut, easy to weed and
very flexible, so it can be applied over rivets and corrugated surfaces. It is available in a number of
retro-reflective colors.
MAClite 5700 is designed for vehicle markings, over complex surfaces and for 24 hour-a-day eyecatching decorations and vehicle identifications.
Physical Properties
Property Typical Values Test Method
Thickness, inches (µm)
Film plus adhesive 0.006 (150)
ASTM D-645
Peel Adhesion
lb./in. (N/25mm)
180° on Stainless Steel
– 30 min
– 1 week
4.6 (20)
5.9 (26)
ASTM D-903
Face Material Data, 68°F (20°C)
Tensile strength lb./in. (N/m)
Elongation %
>8.5 (>1.5)
DIN 53455
Dimensional Stability, (%)
48 hours @ 158°F (70°C) <0.3
FTM 14
Bonded to aluminum
Temperature Range
End Use:
50° to 104°F (10° to 40°C)
-4° to 194°F (-20° to 90°C)
Flammability Self-extinguishing ISO 3795
• Values given are typical and are not necessarily for use in specification.
Suggested Print Methods*
Screen Printing: HP Indigo
UV Cured Off-set
Solvent UV Off-set
WF Digital: UV Inkjet Thermal Transfer
Eco-solvent Flexographic *
True solvent UV Flexographic
Latex Narrow Web UV Inkjet
* Mactac does not guarantee digital printability on MAClite 5700. Reflective films cannot be ICC
profiled therefore you must first test print to determine suitability on your printer.
Printing Recommendations
• Flat, P.O.P. type, up to 5-year applications we recommend Nazdar 3600 UV inks. Test first for
adhesion. Sometimes Reflective films need an alcohol wipe prior to printing to achieve good ink
• For 5 – 7 years requirements in conformable graphics like fleet markings, or Marine graphics, we
recommend Nazdar 3500 UV inks.
Chemical Resistance
MAClite 5700 is resistant to most oils and grease, fuel, aliphatic solvents, weak acids, salts and alkalis.
At -4° entrance angle and 0.2° observation angle, MAClite 5700 has the following typical coefficient of
retro-reflection (cd/lx/m²):
Reference Typical retro-reflectance
White 70
Yellow 50
Orange 20
Red 5
Light Blue 6
Dark Blue 6
Green 7
Black 3
1) The user is responsible for determining the product’s suitability, including adhesion and if
needed, removal characteristics when used in applications other than listed specifically in this
Performance Guide.
2) If there are any questions about applications, please contact your Mactac sales representative
to discuss your requirements for recommendations
3) If this is a printed Performance Guide it is an uncontrolled document. Please check the Mactac
website for the latest, most up-to-date version.
• MAClite 5700 can be applied ‘wet’ or ‘dry’; however the dry method is preferred.
• All surfaces must be cleaned from dust, dirt, oil, grease or any other contaminate prior to
• Where exposure to chemicals or fuel spills is likely to occur, edge sealing the graphics with
varnish will prevent edge lift.
• MAClite 5700 can be printed with some screen inks. However, guarantee of ink
performance should be first obtained from the ink supplier.
• Application of MAClite 5700 is made easier if Mactac application tape is used.
Indoor and 5-7 years outdoors. This use-life estimate is based upon accelerated age studies. Please
note that exposure to severe temperatures, ultra-violet light and also tropical, sub-tropical or desert
regions will cause more rapid deterioration. This also applies to polluted areas, high altitude and south
facing exposure.
Shelf Life
One year when stored at 75°F (24°C) and 50% relative humidity or less.

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