Orafol ORABOND 1352 Carpet tape


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Orafol ORABOND 1352 Carpet tape
This double-sided tape consists of a polyester film carrier which is layered on both sides with different adhesives. The adhesive
on the covered side of the tape has excellent permanent adhesive qualities. The adhesive on the open side allows easy removal
from many surfaces. The adhesive liner is coated with a double sided siliconized paper.
Polyester film, 1-mil
Siliconized paper, white, 55#
Covered side: rubber
Open side: modified dispersion acrylate
Area of Use
This tape is especially suitable for the installation of carpets at conferences or exhibitions (with high cohesion and easy
removal). Not appropriate for porous stone or marble.
Technical Data
Thickness* (adhesive and carrier) 7.5-mil
Temperature resistance -40°F to +158°F
Adhesive power* cover side open side
(FINAT TM 1, on stainless steel, one side 9.14 lb/in 0.91 lb/in after 1 min
covered with 2-mil polyester film) 9.14 lb/in 1.14 lb/in after 20 min
9.59 lb/in 1.60 lb/in after 24 h
Shear strength* Covered side open side
(FINAT TM 8, on stainless steel, one side > 240 h > 120 h at 73°F
covered with 2-mil polyester film)
Shelf life** 1 year
Application temperature > +64°F
Available lengths
Available widths (in inches)
27-yards, 55-yards
Slit rolls: 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1, 1/2, 2
* average ** in original packaging, at 68°F and 50% relative humidity
All ORABOND™ products are subject to careful quality control throughout the manufacturing process and are warranted to be of merchantable
quality and free from manufacturing defects. Published information concerning ORABOND™ products is based upon research which the
Company believes to be reliable although such information does not constitute a warranty. Because of the variety of uses of ORABOND™
products and the continuing development of new applications, the purchaser should carefully consider the suitability and performance of the
product for each intended use, and the purchaser shall assume all risks regarding such use.
All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
ORABOND™ is a registered trademark of ORAFOL Europe GmbH.

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