Orafol Reflexite




Orafol Reflexite

Orafol Reflexite
Metalized Polyester Prismatic Conspicuity Tape.
• 5 year durability and impact resistant – maintains photometric performance after impact maintains conspicuity after collision or years of wear.
• DOT-2 certified to meet NHTSA 49CR5710.
• Single-layer construction is thin and flexible for easy application with 100% adhesion. OEM preferred – can be riveted.
• Withstands high-pressure washing and resists edge lift, no edge sealing required. No cracking.


Reflexite® IMO FD1403 / FD1404 reflective trims are a tough weather and solvent resistant product designed
for rugged outdoor maritime use. These are used for the application to rigid and non-rigid maritime substrates
i.e. life rafts, life bouys, life vests and life boats.

For more information on Reflexite® IMO FD1403 / FD1404, please reference Technical Product Bulletins,
which are available from local ORAFOL Reflective Solutions Ireland Sales Offices.
Reflexite® IMO FD1403 / FD1404 reflective trims are supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive. The adhesive
is protected by a release liner, which shall be removed by peeling, without soaking in water or solvents

The surface should be cleaned and allowed to dry (please ensure that all silicone or mould release
agents on moulded polymer materials have being thoroughly cleaned before adhesive application).

ORAFOL Reflective Solutions Ireland recommends isopropyl alcohol or a similar cleaner.

The adhesive liner should be partially removed and the tape alligned to its final position.

Uniform pressure should be applied to produce full contact with the substrate but not impart wrinkles.

After the tape has been applied it should be passed over with a squeegee to assure 100% contact.

Cover the squeegee with a soft cloth to prevent scratching the surface of the tape.
Reflexite® IMO FD1403 reflective trim is also supplied with sewable fabric backing.

Reflexite® IMO FD1403 reflective trim is a single layer product, and can be stitched in any area of the surface.

Reflexite recommends that the products are sewn at a minimum of 3mm in from the edge and the number of
stitches not exceed 8 per 25.4mm.

The following guidelines can be helpful in reducing drag that is sometines encountered when sewing Reflexite ®
reflective trims:

Use one of the following presser feet: Teflon coated, Roller, or a Walking presser foot.

Reduce the pressure on a standard pressure foot.

Occasionally use a swall amount of silicon* applied with spray or sponge.

Double needle sewing machine with puller.

*NOTE: Some spray lubricants may contain oil /solvents that can lead to fabric dye migration /bleeding into reflective trims.
The following precauctions are recommended:
Pretest any lubricant prior to use. Apply a swall amount of lubricant onto the surface of the reflective trim, then cover with
fabric swatch for 24 hours. Inspect trim for staining after fabric removal.
Always wipe away excess lubricants after application
If you have any questions regarding lubricant compatibility, please contact ORAFOL Reflective Solutions Ireland customer

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