13 oz Banner Material Normandy® Pro FL



13 oz Banner Material Normandy® Pro FL

13 oz Banner Material Normandy® Pro FL Normandy® Pro FL is a premium 13oz banner or billboard material. It is compatible with Latex, solvent and UV inks. The Normandy brand is recommended by printer manufacturers and preferred by high end, wide format printing facilities. This product has a 1000 x 1000 high tenacity yarn construction that makes it one of the strongest 13oz substrates in the market. It has a unique face film which produces vibrant and consistent prints. Normandy Pro comes in both matte and gloss finishes in widths ranging from 98” – 196”. In 80” widths and below, this product is called JetFlex FL.


Item Number Finish Core Width/ Length Approx Metric ApproxSq/ft ApproxShip Wt
NPG25050 Gloss 3″ 98″x164′ (2.50mx50m) 1345 145
NPGAS26050 Gloss 3″ 102″x164′ (2.60mx50m) 1398.8 150
NPGAS32050 Gloss 3″ 126″x164′ (3.20mx50m) 1721.6 200lbs
NPGAS38050 Gloss 3″ 150″x164′ (3.81mx50m) 2049.78 230lbs
NPGAS50050 Gloss 3″ 196″x164′ (5.00mx50m) 2690 325lbs
NPM25050 Matte 3″ 98″x164′ (2.50mx50m) 1345 145lbs
NPMAS26050 Matte 3″ 102″x164′ (2.60mx50m) 1398.8 150lbs
NPMAS32050 Matte 3″ 126″x164′ (3.20mx50m) 1721.6 200lbs
NPMAS38050 Matte 3″ 150″x164′ (3.80mx50m) 2049.78 230lbs
NPMAS45050 Matte 3″ 177″x164′ (4.50mx50m) 2421 285lbs
NPMAS50050 Matte 3″ 196″x164′ (5.00mx50m) 2690 325lbs


13 oz Banner Material

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