3M Envision Translucent Film 3730-97L Bristol Blue



3M Envision Translucent Film 3730-97L Bristol Blue

3M Envision Translucent Film 3730-97L Bristol Blue

• 2-mil, vinyl translucent films, available in crisp, clear colors (many with simulated PANTONE® color references)

• For Screen Printing, Cut Graphics, and Thermoforming – Use film series 3630 for fluorescent lighting applications – Use film series 3730 for LED applications Product Features

• Matte surface finish eliminates glare and provides uniform color in reflected and transmitted light

• Pressure sensitive, permanent adhesive adheres to rigid and flexible substrates

• Synthetic, lay-flat liner that is not affected by water or humidity •

Cut electronically

• Thermoformable

• Permanent film
Expected Performance Life of 7 years (unwarranted period for unprinted film with no graphic protection, applied to a flat, vertical, outdoor surface)
Use this 2 mil film to produce permanent, interior or exterior graphics for internally-illuminated sign faces and awnings. It has clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive and a synthetic liner that resists water. It is available in more than 50 colors, many with simulated PANTONE® references. Contact 3M Customer Service for ordering info.

Product Description
3M™ Scotchcal™ Translucent Graphic Film Series 3630
is a cast vinyl graphic film with a clear, permanent,
pressure-sensitive adhesive and a synthetic liner.
Key Features
 Translucent synthetic liner!
 Translucent, cast vinyl film
 Wide colour selection, many with PANTONE
 Uniform colour in both reflected and transmitted light
 Low surface gloss eliminates glare
 Translucent liner facilitates multi-colour registration
 Superior lay-flat characteristics in all shop humidity
 Liner is not affected by moisture; does not split if wet
Applications and End Uses
3M™ Scotchcal™ Translucent Graphic Film Series 3630
is intended for making permanent, durable graphics when
used with the listed Compatible Products in the following
applications. These types of applications are warranted
by the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty.
 For interior or exterior use on:
– The listed compatible substrates
– Internally-illuminated sign faces
– Internally-illuminated awnings protected by
3M™ Scotchcal™ Overlaminates 3640GPS.
 For first surface application to selected 3M
substrates; see Compatible Products
 For thermoforming with rigid plastic surfaces under
well-controlled conditions as described in Instruction
Bulletin 5.16
Limitations of Uses
We do not normally warrant other applications, but please
contact us to discuss your needs or let us suggest other
3M products.
Specifically, we do not warrant this film for the
 Graphics made for automotive Original Equipment
Manufacturers (OEM)
 Graphics applied to competitive flexible substrates
 Graphics applied to substrates having coatings such
as silicone.
 Graphics with more than two layers of film, except as
described in Three Film Layer Constructions, page
Compatible Products
 3M™ Screen Printing Ink Series 1900
 3M™ Screen Printing Ink Series 9700UV
 3M™ Panaflex™ Awning and Sign Facing 945GPS
 3M™ Panagraphics™ II Intermediate Flexible
 Additional flat, rigid substrates such as flat acrylic,
polycarbonate*, PETG sheet, glass
 3M™ Scotchcal™ High Gloss Overlaminate
3640GPS for enhanced cleaning and durability
* Some polycarbonate substrates have a scratchproof
coating on one side. This coating has a low surface
energy and will discourage adhesion. In these cases,
second surface application should be considered.
Polycarbonate substrates may require drying by baking
before use. Refer to the manufacturers’ instructions.

PB 3630 UKJ/Last edit: 15Jun11
Page 2 of 6/Last print: 01/08/2012

This information is subject to change. Be sure this is the
most current Product Bulletin. See 3M Related Literature
at the end of this bulletin.
Characteristic Description
Film Cast vinyl
Film colour Translucent
Thickness 0.05 mm (50 micron) without
(80-100 micron) with adhesive
Adhesive type Pressure sensitive
Adhesive colour Clear
Liner Translucent, synthetic liner
Flat, without rivets
Flexible sign facing
Rigid substrates such as flat acrylic,
PETG sheet, polycarbonate*, glass
16C – 38oC
air, film, substrate
Tensile Strength 0.7 kg/cm @ 23ºC
Elongation 100 % @23ºC
-29ºC to +80ºC *For applications
nearing the minimum temperature
range, please contact your local
technical service representative to
confirm suitability of application
Adhesion anodized
0.7 kg 1 cm

Chemical Resistance
Chemical Agent
Water 24 hours No effect
Mild soap and water 24 hours No effect
20% Isopropyl alcohol,
80% Water
10 mins No effect
10% Hydrochloric acid 10 mins No effect
10% Ammonium
10 mins No effect

Colour Chart
Note: Please review the chart carefully for changes and
corrections. This chart supersedes the Colour Charts in all
other versions of Product Bulletin 3630.
1 These 3M product colours are a simulation of a
PANTONE -identified colour standard. You can view
these colours on our website at Go to
Product Information then 3M Colour Selector. Consult
current PANTONE Colour Publications for accurate colour.
PANTONE is the property of Pantone, Inc. Pantone, Inc.,
2000 Produced under License Agreement No. 813R between
3M and Pantone, Inc. Special colours are available by
request. Pigment durability and manufacturing limitations
do not permit exact colour matching of all colour shades.
This film is effectively opaque for most sign uses
3This film is specifically designed (and can be inkjet
printed) for use with LED side- lit sign boxes and offers a
light transmission value of 43%, compared to 27% for
Product No. Colour PANTONE Colour 1

3630-005 Ivory n/a
3630-015 Yellow PANTONE 109C
3630-20 White n/a
3630-22 Black2
PANTONE Process Black C
3630-25 Sunflower PANTONE 123 C
3630-26 Green PANTONE 349 C
3630-33 Red2
3630-36 Blue PANTONE 281 C
3630-43 Lt. Tomato Red2
3630-44 Orange PANTONE 1655 C
3630-49 Burgundy PANTONE 188 C
3630-51 Silver Gray PANTONE 439 C
3630-53 Cardinal Red n/a
3630-57 Olympic Blue n/a
3630-59 Dark Brown PANTONE 4625 C
3630-61 Slate Gray n/a
3630-63 Rust Brown PANTONE 483 C
3630-68 Rose Mauve PANTONE 190 C
3630-69 Duranodic2
3630-71 Shadow Gray PANTONE 409 C
3630-73 Dark Red n/a
3630-74 Kumquat Orange PANTONE 1375 C
3630-75 Marigold n/a
3630-76 Holly Green n/a
3630-78 Vivid Rose PANTONE 206 C
3630-83 Regal Red PANTONE 187 C
3630-84 Tangerine PANTONE 151 C
3630-87 Royal Blue PANTONE 274 C
3630-97 Bristol Blue PANTONE 294 C
3630-106 Brilliant Green PANTONE 376 C
3630-108 Pink PANTONE 224 C
3630-109 Light Rust Brown PANTONE 181 C
3630-115 Lt. Lemon Yellow PANTONE 3995 C
3630-116 Bright Jade Green n/a
3630-118 Intense Magenta PANTONE 241 C
3630-121 Silver PANTONE 877 C
3630-125 Golden Yellow PANTONE 1235 C
3630-126 Dark Emerald Green PANTONE 3435 C
3630-127 Intense Blue PANTONE 300 C
3630-128 Plum Purple PANTONE 2622 C
3630-129 Bronze PANTONE 471 C
3630-131 Gold Metallic PANTONE 873 C
3630-133 Raspberry PANTONE 220 C
3630-136 Lime Green PANTONE 368 C
3630-137 European Blue PANTONE 281 C
3630-141 Gold Nugget n/a
3630-143 Poppy Red n/a
3630-146 Light Kelly Green PANTONE 347 C
3630-147 Light European Blue n/a
3630-149 Light Beige PANTONE 468 C
3630-156 Vivid Green PANTONE 355 C
3630-157 Sultan Blue PANTONE 288 C
3630-167 Bright Blue PANTONE 2945 C
3630-236 Turquoise PANTONE 3282 C
3630-246 Teal Green PANTONE 322 C
3630-317 Evening Blue n/a
3630-337 Process Blue PANTONE

3M™ Envision™ Translucent Film 3730-97L Bristol Blue, 48 in x 50 yd

3M ID  75347248504    UPC#  00051128987568

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