3M™ IJ8150 Scotchcal™ Clear View Graphic Film



3M™ IJ8150 Scotchcal™ Clear View Graphic Film

3M™ IJ8150 Scotchcal™ Clear View Graphic Film

3M IJ8150 Scothcal™ Clear View Graphic film.

• 7 year outdoordurability.

• 2 Mil optically clear cast vinyl film with optically clear, pressure-sensitive, changeable adhesive.

• Ability to create special effects, including those with white ink, or one way vision effect but without film holes.

• Unprinted areas allow for a completely clear view through glass.

• Optical clarity with cast vinyl durability and conformability.

• Great for vehicle graphics, point of purchase and architectural graphics. Not recommended for use on windows with built-in heating, defrosting elements or wipers.

• 3M™ suggests laminating with 8518, 8528, or 8914. For optimal clarity use 8914.

• Print compatibility: Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV, and Latex.–&fn=ClearView_IJ8150_LR.pdf 3M™ Scotchcal™ Clear View Graphic Film 8150 Product Description Scotchcal Clear View graphic film 8150 is a clear, conformable, screen or ink jet printable cast PVC film, with a removable adhesive. Ideal for applications to glass and clear acrylic where clear vision is required on the unprinted areas of the graphic on shop windows, vehicle windows, or interior partitions to implement creative design ideas combined with functional benefits. Product Characteristics Physical & Application Material Cast vinyl Surface Finish Gloss Film Thickness 0.05mm (50ų) Adhesive type Transparent, pressure sensitive, acrylic Liner Transparent, synthetic Adhesion 12 (N/25mm). FTM1: 180o peel, substrate; glass; cond: 24h 23oC/50% RH Application method Wet (water and detergent) application method only, is recommended Applied shrinkage <0.1 mm FTM 14 Application temperature +10oC minimum (air and substrate) Service temperature -50oC to +90oC Surface Type Flat and simple curved surfaces Substrate type: Glass, PMMA, Polycarbonates (polycarbonates may require drying with heat before use) Graphic Removal Removable without heat or chemicals from noted substrates. No guarantee is given for ease or speed of removal of any graphic, which will be dependent upon air and substrate temperatures. Durability Unprocessed film 7 Years for exterior, vertical applications. Shelf Life The shelf life of the film is 2 years and should be applied within 2 years of the receipt of film if unprocessed. Processed film should be applied within 1 year of processing and within 2 years of receipt of the film. Storage conditions • 4° to 40°C • Out of sunlight • In clean dry area • In original container • Condition the film to print room temperature before using Limitations of End Uses 3M specifically does not recommend or warrant the following uses, but please contact us to discuss your needs to recommend other products. Graphics applied to – Flexible substrates, including 3M Panaflex and 3M Panagraphics – Low surface energy substrates or substrates with low surface energy coating – Other than flat surfaces or simple curved surfaces – Painted or unpainted wallboards, gypsum board and wallpapers – Other than flat or simple curved surfaces Graphic removal from – Substrates with coatings, (i.e. anti-reflection, anti-scratch), coatings may be damaged during film removal Graphics subjected to – Petroleum vapours or spills – Graphics made for automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM – Non vertical applications will have a significant decrease in durability Product Bulletin: UK 8150/Page 2 of 2 Last Edit: 13Jul10/Last Print: 14/07/2010 Important Notice 3M accepts no liability for glass breakage due to temperature differences across the glass, which can be caused by sunlight on dark areas of the graphic. Glass size, thickness, quality of cut, edge treatment, tinting and frame design also greatly affect the likelihood of breakage. Graphic Manufacturing When to use an overprint clear or overlaminate – Graphic protection can improve the appearance, performance and durability of your graphic. Any graphic exposed to abrasive conditions (including vehicles), harsh cleaners or chemicals must include graphic protection in order to be warranted Recommended overlaminate – 3M™ Scotchcal™ Clear View Film 8150 Shipping Finished graphics Flat, or rolled with printed side out on 130mm (5inch) or larger core. Converting Information Total Ink Coverage The maximum recommended total ink coverage for this film is 270%. Exceeding this limit can result in media characteristic changes; longer drying times, failure of the overlaminate and/or poor graphic performance. Drying Times A minimum drying time of 24 hours is recommended before carrying out any further processing. It is recommended that the graphic is dried flat, or in a loosely wind upright roll. Inadequate drying can result in graphic failure. Poorly dried film may also become soft and stretchy and the film’s adhesive can be affected. Application Tapes The use of application tape is neither recommended nor needed. Application Refer to Instruction Bulletin: Wet Application Instructions for 3M™ Scotchcal™ Clear View Graphic Film 8150. Maintenance and Cleaning Refer to bulletin 6.5 Storage, Handling, Maintenance and Removal of Films and Sheeting. ! CAUTION Refer to the package label and the Material Safety Data Sheet for health, safety, and handling information on the products referenced in this bulletin. For 3M products, if necessary, you may contact our Toxicology/Product Responsibility Department on 01344 858000. When using any equipment, always follow the manufacturers’ instructions for safe operation. Warranty and Limited Remedy The 3M products described in this publication are covered by a 3M warranty and limitation of liability. 3M’s warranty provides that if 3M finds that goods are defective in material or workmanship they will be replaced or the price refunded at 3M’s option but note that 3M does not accept liability for other direct losses (except for personal injury or death) or consequential losses relating to defective products or from information supplied by 3M. Purchasers and users of 3M products, and not 3M supplying companies, are always solely responsible for deciding on the suitability of the 3M product for their required or intended use. Commercial Graphics Department 3M United Kingdom PLC 3M Centre, Cain Road Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 8HT Tel: 01344 857850 Fax: 01344 857939 e-mail: [email protected] Commercial Graphics Department 3M United Kingdom PLC 3M House, 28 Great Jackson Street Manchester M15 4PA Tel: 0161 237 6394 Free Fax: 0800 378127 e-mail: [email protected] Commercial Graphics 3M Ireland (Dublin) The Iveagh Building The Park , Carrickmines, Dublin 18, Ireland Tel: 00 353 1 280 3555 Fax: 00 353 1 280 3509 e-mail: [email protected]

IJ8150, Sample Sheets, 8 in x 10 in, 5/envelope 3M ID  75347251235    UPC#  00051128926727

IJ8150, Sample Rolls, 54 in x 5 yd 3M ID  75347217038    UPC#  00051128820629

3M ID 75347217269
UPC 00051128917008
3M ID 75347251235
UPC 00051128926727
3M ID 75347217053
UPC 00051128822050
3M ID 75347217046
UPC 00051128822043
3M ID 75347217038
UPC 00051128820629
3M ID 75347217277
UPC 00051128917015

IJ8150, 54 in x 25 yd 3M ID  75347217269    UPC#  00051128917008

IJ8150, 54 in x 50 yd 3M ID  75347217046    UPC#  00051128822043

IJ8150, 60 in x 25 yd 3M ID  75347217277    UPC#  00051128917015

IJ8150, 60 in x 50 yd 3M ID  75347217053    UPC#  00051128822050

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