3M Light Enhancement Film 3635-100 White



3M Light Enhancement Film 3635-100 White

3M Light Enhancement Film 3635-100 White without CGPM

These thermoformable, light enhancing films and liners are designed especially for backlit sign applications to improve brightness and increased light output for greater sign reflectance.

Light Enhancement Film 3635-100
Note: The only change to Release C of this bulletin is the
removal of one bullet under Warranted Durability.
How 3M Light Enhancement Film Increases Sign
A light box or channel letter contains lighting elements that
illuminate the front sign face and transmit some light to the
viewer. However, much of the illumination is reflected or
absorbed by other materials in the light box.
The white sign face materials typically used in cabinets
transmit only about 25% to 30% (B) of the light that strikes
them (A). The white face material can absorb as much as
15% of the light and reflects the remaining light (C) back
into the cabinet. Light from the rear of the light source and
light that is reflected back into the cabinet strikes the
cabinet sides and back (D). Some of this light is reflected
and some of it is absorbed.

A Available light
B Transmitted light
C Lost (reflected)
D Lost (absorbed/
reflected) light
Figure 1. Example of Light Lost in a Cabinet
When efficient reflective material is put on the sides and
back of the light box, more light is reflected to the front
face for increased illumination. Film 3635-100, which has
very low light absorption, is more efficient than most
reflective materials including ordinary mirrors. In addition,
the diffuse reflective properties of the film help spread light
instead of focusing it like a mirror. This feature eliminates
hot spots.
 Important Note
The light enhancing characteristics of film 3635-100
will be minimized if dark colored rigid plastic faces are
used. This is due to the very high rate of light absorption
and low rate of reflectivity of such faces. We
recommend testing the faces before reducing the
number of lighting components.
Matte white diffuse reflective surface (patents applied
Reduces hot spots
94% plus reflectivity increases light output for greater
sign luminance
Low light absorption increases efficiency
Protective top covering for clean fabrication
5.5 mil construction for easy handling
Permanent, pressure sensitive adhesive
Optimal Graphic Constructions
Light enhancement film 3635-100 is most efficient when
the total face is 10 to 35% transmissive and a low rate of
absorption. The following constructions are examples that
fall within this range; other constructions may be possible.
Option 1
– Clear acrylic sheeting,
– 3M Diffuser Film 3635-30 OR
– 3M Scotchcal Translucent Film 3630-20 (as a
diffuser film),
– 3M Scotchcal Translucent Film Series 3630.
Option 2
– White plastic sheeting No. 7328, and
– 3M Scotchcal Translucent Film Series 3630.
Option 3
– 3M Panaflex Awning and Sign Facing 930 or
945 GPS, and
– 3M Scotchcal Translucent Film Series 3630, OR
– 3M Panaflex Paint on Paper 830 GPS, OR
– 3M Scotchprint Graphics electrostatic imaging.
Application and Uses
Film 3635-100 is intended for covering all interior opaque
surfaces within single-sided, internally illuminated cabinets
in the following applications. These applications are
warranted by the 3M MCS Warranty.
Exterior and interior uses, such as:
– Signs and light boxes
– Channel letters
– POP or trade show displays
– Posters and informational graphics light boxes
– Transit shelter advertising boxes
– Menu boards display boxes
– Vending or dispensing machines
– ATM’s
2 – Product Bulletin 3635-100
Limitations of End Uses
We do not normally warrant other applications, but please
contact us to discuss your needs or let us suggest other 3M
Specifically, we do not warrant this film for the following:
Use as a graphic marking film for electronic cutting,
screen printing or other decoration method.
Application to substrates with low surface energy
coatings or paints with components such as silicone.
This information, which is for 3M Light Enhancement
Film 3635-100, is subject to change. Refer to the
Fax-on-Demand Index to make sure this is the most current
Product Bulletin.
Property Description
Film 5.5 mil, matte white
film and adhesive
film, adhesive and
protective top
0.0055 to 0.0065 inch
(0.140 to 0.165 mm)
0.0085 to 0.0095 inch
(0.216 to 0.241 mm)
Adhesive Clear, pressure sensitive
Adhesive liner 78 pound white kraft paper
Protective covering Blue polyethylene
Application surface Light box interiors
Bare aluminum
Galvanized sheet metal
Painted metal
Rigid plastics 1
40F (4.5C)
air, film, and substrate
Removability Permanent, not removable
1 Film 3635-100 typically adheres to solar-grade
polycarbonate substrate. However, some lots of this
substrate may inhibit the adhesion of this film. Contact
3M Commercial Graphics Technical Service if you have
difficulty with this combination. See Instruction Bulletin
5.7 for additional information.
Polycarbonate substrates may require drying by baking
before use. Refer to the manufacturers’ instructions.
Effective Performance Life
The effective performance life of film 3635-100 is based on
field experience and exposure tests conducted throughout
the United States. When the graphics are processed and
used according to the 3M recommendations, they should
have the performance life stated below. The actual
performance depends on the:
Selection and preparation of the substrate
Application methods
Cleaning and maintenance methods
Exposure conditions
Cabinet design and maintenance
Lamp selection and intensity
Warranted Durability
Film 3635-100 is warranted for 5 years for its intended
purpose in the interior of a lighted cabinet with these
The cabinet interior must have a functioning drain
system for water elimination.
The cabinet must be designed to all local codes for
electrical, structural and other hazard prevention.
Warranty Exceptions
Film exposed to abrasive washing conditions, harsh
cleaners, or chemicals.
Film exposed to too high a temperature in application.
Film exposed to light sources that are placed too close.
Use as a graphic marking film for electronic cutting,
screen printing or other decorating method.
Application substrates with low surface energy coatings
or paints with components such as silicones.
Film 3635-100 can be applied by hand or automated roll
lamination. Refer to the Instruction Bulletins listed in the
3M Related Literature section, located at the end of this
bulletin, for more complete information.
Before using this film to retrofit existing cabinets or
channel letters, clean the components to remove dirt and
The minimum application temperature for film 3635-100 is
40F (4.5C). The air, film, and substrate must be at or
above this temperature for a successful application.
All interior surfaces, except the front sign face, should be
covered with film 3635-100. Refer to Instruction Bulletin
2.4 for details.
The following are common cutting methods for 3M Light
Enhancement Film 3635-100. See Instruction Bulletin 4.1
for details.
Product Bulletin 3635-100 – 3
Hand cut
Cold and hot steel-rule die cutting
Hot kiss cutting
Drum-type electronic cutting
Flat-bed electronic cutting
See details in Instruction Bulletin 5.16. Refer to the 3M
Related Literature section for further information.
Light enhancement film 3635-100 emits vapors during
the thermoforming process. Be sure to read and follow
the information contained in the Material Safety
Data Sheet (MSDS), the box label, and the Instruction
Bulletin 5.16 before thermoforming.
! Caution
Film 3635-100 tents around rivets, corrugations and
sharp angles. This does not inhibit the performance of
light reflection efficiency.
This film performs effectively even if the application is
wrinkled, creased or bubbled.
This film may be patched with another piece of the film
if a section of it is cut, gouged or otherwise damaged.
Refer to Instruction Bulletin 2.4, Design of Cabinets
for Light Boxes and Channel Letters.
Maintenance and Cleaning
Film 3635-100 should be cleaned a minimum of once per
year, and more frequently in dirty environments, to
maintain peak efficiency.
Use a cleaner such as the kind used for high quality painted
surfaces. The cleaner must be wet, non-abrasive, without
strong solvents or alcohol. It must have a pH value between
3 and 11 (neither strongly acidic nor strongly alkaline) and
contain no dyes.
Shelf Life, Shipping, and Storage
Film 3635-100 has a shelf life of 2 years after receipt
from 3M.
Store the film in a clean dry area, in the original
container, out of direct sunlight and at less than 100F
Keep rolls wrapped after opening the packaging.
Do not lay sharp or heavy objects on the film or stack
unprotected rolls.
See Instruction Bulletin 6.5, Storage, Maintenance and
Removal of Films and Sheetings, for details. Refer to
the 3M Related Literature section for further
Product Data
Values given are typical for film 3635-100 and are not for
use in specifications. The data given below are for light
enhancement film as purchased from 3M.
UL Recognition
Light enhancement film 3635-100 is UL recognized
component for signs or any illuminated product.
Physical Characteristics
Property English Units Metric Units
10 pounds/inch at
44.4 N/25 mm at
shrinkage 0.010 inch 0.254 mm
-20 to +175F -29 to +80C
reflectance 94.5% typical
Chemical Resistance Characteristics
Resists mild alkalis, mild acids, and salt.
Excellent resistance to water.
4 – Product Bulletin 3635-100
Warranty and Limited Warranty
The following is made in lieu of all other express or implied
warranties, including any implied warranty of
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose: 3M
Light Enhancement Film 3635-100 is warranted to be free
of defects in materials and manufacture at the time of
shipment and to meet the specifications stated in this
Product Bulletin. 3M will replace or refund the price of any
3M materials that do not meet this warranty within the
specified time periods. See the worldwide 3M MCS
Warranty bulletin, which gives the terms and limitations of
the warranty.
These remedies are exclusive. In no case shall 3M be
liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages,
including any labor or non-3M materials charges.
3M Related Literature
Listed below is related 3M technical literature that may be
of interest. You may view and print these Bulletins from
our website at, or order them
via our Fax-on-Demand (FOD) system. Call one of these
phone numbers to order the desired bulletins, and specify
the FOD document number provided in the chart.
United States or Canada: 1-800-364-0768
International: 1-651-732-1016
Product Bulletins
3M Panaflex Paint on Paper Series 830
830 4003
3M Panaflex Awning and Sign Facing
930 4005
3M Panaflex Awning and Sign Facing
945 GPS
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3M Scotchcal Translucent Film Series
3630 3009
3M Blockout Film 3635-30 3635 3010
Instruction Bulletins
Design of markings 2.1 5501
Design of cabinets for light boxes and
channel letters
2.4 5504
Scoring and cutting 4.1 6501
Thermoforming 5.16 7016
Storage, handling, maintenance, removal 6.5 8505
Worldwide 3M MCS Warranty Packet
(includes all Commercial Graphics MCS Warranties)
Worldwide 3M MCS Warranty Overview-Folder 9504


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