3M Scotchcal Graphic Film 50-92P Brown



3M Scotchcal Graphic Film 50-92P Brown punched

3M Scotchcal 50 Intermediate Gloss Vinyl Colors
3M™ quality with clean removability at a great price.
• Clean removability for up to 3 years with heat to deidentify and reuse the substrate.
• 5 year outdoor durability.
• Thermal printable.
• 3 mil calendered vinyl.
• Not edge stripped.
• Superior cutting and weeding.

Actual colors may vary slightly from examples shown due to limitations in the printing process.
Note: Occasional splices in rolls.

Product Description Film series 50 is a 3-mil calendered vinyl film, available in 28 colors. The film has a clear,
pressure-sensitive film with a blue liner on the white films, for easier visibility when weeding,
and a white liner on all other film colors. Use this versatile film in both indoor and outdoor
applications for thermal mass transfer and electronic cutting. It is removable with heat for up
to three years and permanent for up to five years. This 3-mil film may be printed with thermal
mass transfer and electronically cut.
2. Recommended Types of
Graphics and End Uses
The products described in this Bulletin are covered by the 3M Basic Product Warranty. Please
read the entire Bulletin for details.
 Prespaced, electronically-cut graphics
 Thermal mass transfer graphics
 Commercial and industrial signage including emblems, vehicle graphics, labels
and striping
A. Limitations of End Uses This 3M product is not designed or recommended for the following uses. Please contact us to
discuss other options.
(1) Unsuitable End Uses for This
 Backlit signs
 Thermoformed graphics
 Graphics with more than two layers of film
 Application to riveted, corrugated, compound curved or complex contoured surfaces
 Graphics subjected to gasoline vapors or spills
 Graphics applied to substrates having coatings such as silicone
3. Compatible Products  3M™ Panagraphics™ III Wide-Width Flexible Substrate
 3M™ Premasking Tape SCPM-3
 3M™ Prespacing Tape SCPS-2
4. Characteristics These are typical values for unprocessed product; processing may change the values.
Contact your 3M representative for a custom specification.
A. Physical Characteristics Characteristic Value
Material Calendered vinyl
Colors See Color Chart
Gloss High gloss (except matte white and matte black)
Thickness Without adhesive: 3.0 mil (0.076 mm)
With adhesive: 4.0 to 4.5 mil (0.102 to 0.114 mm)
Adhesive type Pressure-sensitive; removable
Adhesive color Clear
Liner Film colors 50-10, 50-100: Blue kraft paper
All other film colors: White kraft paperProduct Bulletin 50 – 2
Physical Characteristics, continued Characteristic Value
Tensile strength
8 pounds/inch at 72F (1.4 kg/cm at 23C)
Chemical resistance Resists mild acids, mild alkalis and salts
Excellent resistance to water (does not include immersion)
Adhesion Acrylic: 4.0 pounds/inch (0.7 kg/cm)
Alodine, aluminum: 5.0 pounds/inch (0.9 kg/cm)
Glass: 3.0 pounds/inch (0.5 kg/cm)
Fruehauf pre-painted panel: 4.0 pounds/inch (0.7 kg/cm)
Polycarbonate: 4.0 pounds/inch (0.7 kg/cm)
About Polycarbonate
Film series 50 typically adheres to solar-grade polycarbonate
substrate. However, some lots of this substrate may inhibit the
adhesion of the film. Contact 3M Commercial Graphics Technical
Service if you are having difficulty with this combination. See
Instruction Bulletin 5.7 for additional information.
Polycarbonate substrates may require oven drying before use.
Refer to the manufacturers’ instructions.
Flammability Call 1-800-328-3908 for information
B. Color Chart No. Color No. Color
50-10 White
50-100 Matte White
50-11 Transparent
50-12 Black
50-120 Matte Black
50-24 Lemon Yellow
50-27 Sunflower
50-34 Bright Orange
50-44 Light Red
50-483 Dark Red
50-49 Burgundy
50-54 Gold
50-58 Silver
50-64 Pink
50-66 Purple
50-73 Grass Green
50-745 Bright Green
50-76 Medium Green
50-78 Dark Green
50-79 Teal
50-82 Light Blue
50-84 Azure Blue
50-88 Sapphire Blue
50-90 Deep Navy Blue
50-914 Beige
50-92 Brown
50-94 Light Grey
50-97 Nimbus Grey
C. Application Characteristics Characteristic Value
Finished graphic
Surface type: Flat and simple curved surfaces, without rivets
Substrate type: Flexible signage, glass, metal, acrylic,
polycarbonate*, fiberglass and painted surfaces
Application temperature: 50 to 100F (4 to 38C)
Finished graphic exposure
-50 to +150F (-45 to +65C )
Impact at low temperatures when film is applied to flexible
substrates may result in film or substrate cracking.
Applied film shrinkage 0.004 to 0.023 inch (0.1 to 0.6 mm)
Graphic removal Removable with heat from most substrates for up to 3 years;
leaves little or no adhesive residue1
1. The gold and silver colors of film series 50 may leave adhesive residue upon removal.

50-100P Matte White, punched, 15/30 inch, Miscellaneous Sizes
3M ID 75347203681
50-100 Matte White, 30 in x 50 yd
3M ID 75347203665 UPC# 00051128819937
50-100 Matte White, 48 in x 50 yd
3M ID 75347203673 UPC# 00051128819944
50-100 Matte White, 24 in x 50 yd
3M ID 75347203657 UPC# 00051128819920
50-100 Matte White, 15 in x 50 yd
3M ID 75347203640 UPC# 00051128819913

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