3M Scotchcal Luster Overlaminate 8908



3M Scotchcal Luster Overlaminate 8908

  • 3M Scotchcal Luster Overlaminate 8908
  • This polyolefin overlaminate is manufactured with less solvent, making it an ecologically responsible choice. Use for many short-term digitally printed or screen printed graphics that don’t require heat or stretching during installation.
    • Environmentally preferred polyolefin film with no polyvinyl chloride or monomeric plasticizers in its construction and made with less solvent in manufacturing when compared to traditional solvent-based adhesive products.
    • Luster finish.

Scotchcal™ Luster Overlaminate 8908
and Matte Overlaminate 8909
A good choice for the environment!
Product Description These overlaminates are a good choice for many short-term digitally-imaged or screen
printed graphics used indoors or outdoors with the exceptions noted below. Refer to the
Product Bulletin for the base film you are using to determine suitability.
3M’s Environmental Solutions 3M recognizes that sustainability involves much more than a product offering. You can learn
about 3M’s ISO certification, EHS Management system, 3P program, LCM review and other
sustainability programs at These programs exemplify how 3M
strives to responsibly operate in a manner that can help make the world we live in a better
place. That is why the Dow Jones Sustainability Index has included 3M in the index for 9
consecutive years.
3M is also taking steps at the product level by offering new alternatives such as 3M™
Scotchcal™ Graphic Film IJ35E and overlaminates 8908 and 8909, which are polyolefin
films and have no monomeric plasticizers or polyvinyl chloride in their constructions and are
made with less solvent in manufacturing when compared to traditional solvent based
adhesive products. Chloride free constructions such as these eliminate halogen related
disposal concerns. When printed with UV ink, VOC emissions associated with solvent inks
are dramatically reduced, resulting in a graphic construction that has less impact on the
Limitations This product is not recommended for use with flexible substrates, vinyl film used in fleet,
truck or vehicle graphics, reflective film, or graphics applied to walls, corrugations or
graphics exposed to petroleum vapors or spills. Premasked graphics cannot be subjected to
Characteristics These are typical values for unprocessed product; processing may change the values.
Contact your 3M representative for a custom specification.
Physical Characteristics Characteristic Value
Material Polyolefin
Color Clear
Gloss 8908: Luster
8909: Matte
Thickness Without adhesive: 2.5 mil (0.064 mm)
With adhesive: 3.0 mil (0.076 mm) nominal
Adhesive type Pressure sensitive
Adhesive color Clear
Liner Kraft paper liner
Flammability Check the Product Bulletin for the base film/media you are using. If
more information is needed, please contact us at 1-800-328-3908.
Tensile strength 5 pounds/inch at 73°F (89 cm/kg at 23°C) minimum
Applied shrinkage 0.0001 inch (0.0025 mm)
In use temperature
-40° to +150°F (-40° to +66°C)
Product Bulletin 8908 – 2
Application Characteristics Characteristic Value
Application tape 3M Premasking Tape SCPM-3, when needed.
Approved 3M graphic films
Flat, with or without rivets
temperature range
50° to 90°F (10° to 32°C)
air, overlaminate and film
Removability Permanent, not removable
Warranty and Durability For complete details on recommended applications, graphic construction options, durability
and warranty (if applicable), please refer to the base film’s Product Bulletin. See the 3M
Related Literature at the end of this document.
Lamination Apply by the squeeze roll method, which uses no heat. Both heat and tension can cause the
overlaminate to curl. Observe the Lamination temperature range discussed on page 2.
Refer to Instruction Bulletin 4.22 lamination procedures
Do not over stretch the film; excessive stretching causes the overlaminate to appear white.
Cutting The common cutting methods for films protected with this overlaminate are hand cutting
and cold and hot steel-rule die cutting. Use care not to stretch the graphic when cutting it.
Refer to Instruction Bulletin 4.1 for more details.
Application Tape Application tape is not required for most graphics with this overlaminate. Refer to
Instruction Bulletin 4.3 for more details.
Do not apply heat to the graphic until the premasking tape is removed. If the overlaminate is
heated while applying rivets, the overlaminate will lose gloss. Excessive heat will cause the
overlaminate to curl.
Maintenance and Cleaning Use a cleaner such as the kind used for high-quality painted surfaces. The cleaner must be
wet, non-abrasive, without strong solvents or alcohol, and have a pH value between 3.0 and
11.0 (neither strongly acidic nor strongly alkaline).
Shelf Life, Storage and Shipping
Shelf Life Total shelf life: 2 years from the date on the original box
Up to 2 years unprocessed, OR process within 1 year and apply within 1 year of processing
Storage Conditions • 40° to 100°F (4° to 38°C)
• Out of sunlight
• Clean dry area
• Original container
• Bring the film to print room temperature before using
Shipping Finished Graphics Flat, or rolled printed side out on 5 inch (13 cm) or larger core. This helps prevent the liner
and, if used, the application tape from popping off.–&fn=Scothccal%208908%20(Luster)_8909%20(Ma

3M™ Scotchcal™ Luster Overlaminate 8908, 54 in x 100 yd
3M ID 75347059877 UPC# 00051128752487
3M™ Scotchcal™ Luster Overlaminate 8908, 54 in x 50 yd
3M ID 75347059927 UPC# 00051128752616
3M™ Scotchcal™ Luster Overlaminate 8908, Miscellaneous Sizes
3M ID 75346953211 UPC# 00000000000000

3M ID 75346953211UPC 00000000000000

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