Arlon Series 3200 Premium High Gloss Optically Clear Overlaminate


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Arlon Series 3200 Premium High Gloss Optically Clear Overlaminate
Series 3200
There’s never been a more clear solution.

Series 3200 Optically Clear overlaminate will not only protect, but also prolong the life of printed graphics for up to 2 years. This is your ideal overlaminate for window applications, or graphics that demand perfect clarity. Seeing is believing.

Recommended Vinyl
DPF 6000RP White
DPF 6000RP Clear
DPF 6500
DPF 6700
DPF 4500G Clear
DPF 2400
DPF 50WD White
DPF 50WD Clear
Unique Features
Synthetic Liner for High Gloss Level and Wet Installation
Optimal Clarity for Window and Window Film Applications
Face Film Thickness
2-Mil (50 Micron)
Permanent (Clear)
Release Liner
Lay-Flat Synthetic
Durability (Unprinted)
7 Years
Roll Widths
30” / 54” / 60”
Roll Length(s)
10 Yards
100 Feet
50 Yards
Series 3200
Premium High Gloss Optically Clear Overlaminate
Series 3200 is constructed of 2-mil (50 micron) cast vinyl film with optically clear, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Designed to protect and prolong the life of printed images for window applications, Series 3200 extends the life of graphics by 2 years. Series 3200 is rated for outdoor durability up to 7 years. This product is designed as an optically clear overlaminate for window film.

Applications & Features
Protective overlaminate for DPF 45WF, DPF 47WF and DPF 2400
Also compatible with cast print media DPF 6100XLP, DPF 6000XRP, DPF 6000RP White, DPF 6000RP Clear, DPF 6500, DPF 6700, DPF 4500G Clear and DPF 50WD Clear/White
Any glass or transparent surfaces
Reflective wraps
Perforated window film overlaminate for building, bus, automotive and flat glass
UV inhibitors to protect and extend the life of your printed graphic
Arlon overlaminate film is designed to be laminated cold without any heat
Performance & Physical Data
Property Test Methods Typical Value
Surface Finish Gloss Meter 60° Reflection ? 90 Gloss Units (crystal)
Thickness Micrometer, Federal Bench Type 2-mil (50 micron)
Tensile Strength Tensile Tester 2-in (51mm) jaw seperation; crosshead speed of 12 in/min. (5.1 mm/s), web direction ? 4.5 lb/in ? 0.8 kg/cm
Elongation Instron Tensile Tester as above ? 150%
Shelf Life (In Box) Ideal storage temperature 21°C and 50% relative humidity 2 years from factory shipment
Application Temperature Range On clean, dry substrate 40°F to 100°F 4.4°C to 38°C
Service Temperature Range On clean, dry substrate -40°F to 175°F -40°C to 79°C
Dimensional Stability Shrinkage After 158°F (70°C), 48 hours 5-mil 0.13 mm
Peel Adhesion PSTC-1, 15 min, 70°F (21°C) 3.5 lbs/in 0.625 kg/cm
Liner Release TLMI Release at 90°, 300 in/min (760 cm/min) 35 g/2 in 6.89 g/cm

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