Asphalt Art Printable Sidewalk and Street Graphic Film




Asphalt Art Printable Sidewalk and Street Graphic Film

Asphalt Art Printable Sidewalk and Street Graphic Film
• Glass bead non-slip textured.
• 1 year outdoor durability.
• For asphalt, concrete & tile graphics.
• No heat or lamination required.
• ASTM D-2047 & NFSI Certified.
• Print compatibility: UV and Latex inks only.

Asphalt Art

Temporary Floor Advertising Graphics

Asphalt Art stands apart from the crowd in terms of quality, simplicity, and versatility. Unlike Asphalt Art, most other floor signage printing materials require a laminate to be placed over the graphic after printing in order to maintain the image.

Asphalt Art’s unique design features a glass bead non-slip texture that can be printed on and then immediately applied to a number of floor surfaces. This patented design lasts months longer than most competitor brands and can withstand vehicle traffic as well as heavy foot traffic.

Asphalt Art’s foil-base is thin enough to conform to rough, untreated surfaces like stone and cement. As a result, street graphics printed on Asphalt Art look like painted-on images. The aluminum foil base also allows for maximum visibility and impact for outdoor and indoor floor ads.

Whether Asphalt Art outdoor & indoor floor advertising is applied for a day or a year, application is a simple one-step process, and removal is just as easy.  Asphalt Art can also be used for indoor floor graphics on certain types of flooring; concrete, brick, stone, etc…because Asphalt Art’s durable material doesn’t require the use of potentially damaging, messy adhesives and does not leave behind undesirable residue.

Asphalt Art is ideal for short term uses like parade graphics, street signage for public events, retail floor graphics for special sales, and other temporary non-slip floor graphics. Asphalt Art is also effective at creating highly impactful:

  • Safety graphics, such as in bus stations or subway stations
  • Parking lot graphics, like company logos, drive thru graphics, and parking lot advertising
  • And visually stunning retail floor graphics

Locations perfect for Asphalt Art:

  • Sporting Events & Stadiums
  • Bus or Subway Stations
  • Airports
  • Gas Stations & Convenience Stores
  • Sidewalks & Parking Lots
  • Fast-Food Drive Thru’s
  • POP, POS & Retail Entrances
  • Parades & Cultural Events
  • Safety Signage

Asphalt Art opens up an entire new world of advertising possibilities right under your feet! Whether you’re a printer, an ad agency, a graphic designer, or a distributor, you can provide your clients with large format graphics that will garner attention and interest using Asphalt Art.

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