Avery 900 Super Cast Opaque Vinyl Kraft SUNFLOWER YELLOW



Avery 900 Super Cast Opaque Vinyl Kraft SUNFLOWER YELLOW
Avery Dennison ® 900 Super Cast has a proven superb conformability, which makes the product especially suitable
for applications on heavy corrugated surfaces, both convex and concave. Avery Dennison 900 Super Cast films offer
excellent conversion on a wide range of computer signmaking equipment, both drum and flatbed processing systems.

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Facefilm : 50 micron superior-quality cast vinyl with white base-coat
Adhesive: permanent, transparent acrylic-based
Backing paper: one-side coated white kraft paper, 135 g/m²
Highly conformable cast vinyl film with:
– PANTONE Colour Simulations.
– Outstanding durability and outdoor performance.
– Excellent conformability to irregular substrates.
– Excellent dimensional stability during application.
– High gloss for superior appearance.
– Excellent UV-light, humidity and saltspray resistance.
– Dimensional stable backing for perfect conversion.
For full product traceability, the Avery Dennison product in PANTONE Colours and the batch reference
are printed on the liner.
Recommendations for use
– Vehicle graphics on corrugated, convex, concave, compound curved and riveted surfaces.
– Graphics on marine crafts and recreational vehicles.
– Wayfinding
– Retail signage.
– Original equipment identification.
– Graphics for police and emergency vehicles.
Special Note
-The Avery Dennison® 900 Super Cast in PANTONE® Colours are produced with a white coating to
match the most popular PANTONE colours. If applied on a transparent surface one should realize that
the reverse view will have a white image compared to other Avery Dennison products.
– Avery Dennison® 900 Super Cast in PANTONE® Colours do not constitute a fully opaque product, it
refers to opaque range as a pigmented film. If special conditions are required it is recommended to test
the film prior to any conversion or application.
PANTONE® is the property of Pantone, Inc.
PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Avery Dennison® 900 Super Cast
in PANTONE® Colours
Physical properties
Features Test method1 Result
Caliper, facefilm ISO 534 50 micron
Caliper, facefilm + adhesive ISO 534 85 micron
Tensile strength DIN 53455 1,1 kN/m
Elongation at break DIN 53455 150%
Gloss ISO ISO 2813, 20° 50%
Dimensional stability FINAT FTM 14 0,2 mm Max.
Adhesion, initial FINAT FTM-1, stainless steel 540 N/m
Adhesion, ultimate FINAT FTM-1, stainless steel 600 N/m
Flammability Self extinguishing
Accelerated ageing SAE J 1960, 2000 hours exposure No negative impact
Shelf life Stored at 22° C/50-55 % RH 2 years
Durability ² Vertical exposure only
Colours 10 years
Metallic 6 years
Temperature range
Features Result
Application temperature Minimum Minimum: +10 °C
Service temperature -50°C tot +110°C
Chemical properties
Features Test method¹ Result
Humidity resistance 120 hours exposure No effect
Corrosion resistance 120 hours exposure No contribution to corrosion
Water resistance 48 hours immersion No effect
Sea water resistance 1 year half tide immersion No effect
(BS 5609:1978)
Chemical/Solvent resistance
Test fluid: Immersion time: Adhesion:
Gasoline 1 hour 400 N/m
Diesel oil /Transformer oil/ 24 hours 500 N/m
Antifreeze /SAE Motoroil/Kerosene
Distilled water 65ºC 24 hours 600 N/m
Detergent solution 65ºC 8 hours 600 N/m
Information on physical and chemical characteristics is based upon tests we believe to be reliable. The values listed herein are typical values and are
not for use in specifications. They are intended only as a source of information and are given without guarantee and do not constitute a warranty.
Purchasers should independently determine, prior to use, the suitability of this material to their specific use.
All technical data are subject to change.
Avery Dennison® branded materials are manufactured under careful quality control and are warranted to be free from defect in material and
workmanship. Any material shown to our satisfaction to be defective at the time of sale will be replaced without charge. Our aggregate liability to the
purchaser shall in no circumstances exceed the cost of the defective materials supplied. No salesman, representative or agent is authorised to give
any guarantee, warranty, or make any representation contrary to the foregoing.
All Avery Dennison® branded materials are sold subject to the above conditions, being part of our standard conditions of sale, a copy of which is
available on request.
1) Test methods
More information about our test methods can be found on our website.
2) Durability
The durability is based on middle European exposure conditions. Actual performance life will depend on substrate preparation, exposure conditions
and maintenance of the marking. For instance, in the case of signs facing south; in areas of long high temperature exposure such as southern
European countries; in industrially polluted areas or high altitudes, exterior performance will be decreased.

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