Avery Supreme Wrapping Film SW900 EZRS SATIN WHITE PEARL


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Avery Supreme Wrapping Film SW900 EZRS SATIN WHITE PEARL
Avery Dennison® SW900 Easy Apply™
Cast Vinyl Film is a premium quality cast film
designed for use in vehicle and graphics
markets where high quality film finish and
cost effective full color wrapping is required.
The patented Avery Dennison® Easy
Apply™ RS feature allows for faster
positioning, bubble free application, and long
term removability.

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Very high gloss or matte, super conformable film.
• Unique patented adhesive technology. (Patent registration on page 5).
• Superior conformability to irregular substrates
o Deeply concave shaped
o Extremely convex shaped
o Best performance on rivets
o Best conformance in channels
• Outstanding durability and outdoor performance
• Available in high gloss, satin or matte finish
• Excellent UV, temperature, humidity, and salt-spray resistance
• Custom colors available (contact your sales representative)
• Easy apply feature helps eliminate wrinkles and bubbles during application
• REACH compliance for all colors (EC1907/2006)
• Meets CPSIA standards for limitations on lead and phthalates.
• Meets RoHS and WEEE standards for absence of heavy metals
• Removable up to 5 years
• Flat Bed Sign-Cut • Drum Roller Sign-Cut • Steel Rule Die-Cutting
Common Applications:
• Trucks
• Trailers
• Cars & Vans
• Architectural Signage
• Emergency Vehicles
• Buses
• Trains & Light Rail
colors avilale
SW900-101-O White Gloss SW900-646-M Bright Blue Metallic Gloss
SW900-101-S White Pearlescent Gloss SW900-648-M Lagoon Blue Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-102-O Matte White Matte SW900-653-M Dark Blue Metallic Gloss
SW900-180-O Matte Black Matte SW900-667-O Intense Blue Gloss
SW900-190-O Black Gloss SW900-671-M Brilliant Blue Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-192-M Black Metallic Gloss SW900-677-O Blue Gloss
SW900-215-M Gold Metallic Gloss SW900-681-O Dark Blue Gloss
SW900-225-O Yellow Gloss SW900-699-O Indigo Blue Gloss
SW900-234-O Ambulance Yellow Gloss SW900-731-O Lime Green Gloss
SW900-245-O Dark Yellow Gloss SW900-745-M Apple Green Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-321-O Matte Orange Matte SW900-758-O Grass Green Gloss
SW900-326-S Gold Orange Pearlescent Gloss SW900-768-M Green Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-327-S Orange Pearlescent Gloss SW900-771-M Emerald Green Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-370-O Orange Gloss SW900-771-O Matte Emerald Matte
SW900-371-M Blaze Orange Matte Metallic Matte SW900-771-O Emerald Green Gloss
SW900-415-O Red Gloss SW900-777-S Light Green Pearlescent Gloss
SW900-427-O Soft Red Gloss SW900-792-O Dark Green Gloss
SW900-433-O Cardinal Red Gloss SW900-796-S Emerald Pearlescent Gloss
SW900-436-O Carmine Red Gloss SW900-797-M Midnight Sand Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-437-S Red Rush Pearlescent Gloss SW900-803-M Silver Metallic Gloss
SW900-440-M Cherry Red Metallic Gloss SW900-807-M Grey Metallic Gloss
SW900-444-M Cherry Red Matte Metallic Matte SW900-814-M Quick Silver Metallic Gloss
SW900-472-M Garnet Matte Metallic Matte SW900-832-O Grey Gloss
SW900-475-O Burgundy Gloss SW900-840-M Gunmetal Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-520-M Pink Matte Metallic Matte SW900-845-M Charcoal Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-565-M Purple Matte Metallic Matte SW900-856-O Matte Dark Grey Matte
SW900-614-M Powder Blue Matte Metallic Matte SW900-857-M Silver Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-623-M Night Blue Matte Metallic Matte SW900-858-M Anthracite Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-632-O Light Blue Gloss SW900-865-O Dark Grey Gloss
SW900-639-M Blue Matte Metallic Matte SW900-929-M Brown Metallic Gloss
SW900-643-M Frosty Blue Matte Metallic Matte SW900-950-M Brown Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-514-O Bubble Gum Pink Satin Satin SW900-197-O Black Satin Satin
SW900-438-O Carmine Red Satin Satin SW900-116-O White Satin Satin
SW900-117-S White Pearlescent Satin Sat
SW900-101-S White Pearlescent Gloss SW900-745-M Green Apple Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-225-O Yellow Gloss SW900-321-O Matte Orange Matte
SW900-234-O Ambulance yellow Gloss SW900-371-M Blaze Orange Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-245-O Dark Yellow Gloss SW900-444-M Cherry Red Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-327-S Orange Pearlescent Gloss SW900-472-M Garnet Matte Metallic Matte
SW900-370-O Orange Gloss SW900-117-S White Pearlescent Satin Satin

SW900-117-S LTR EZRS 6119 6118

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