OCÉ SCRM15 -16 mil Matte Smooth Scrim Banner


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OCÉ SCRM15 -16 mil Matte Smooth Scrim Banner

  • 16 mil Matte Smooth Scrim Banner Aqueous Inkjet Media
    for use with dye and pigment ink on thermal and piezo inkjet printers.
  • A 16 mil (550gsm) water resistant smooth opaque flexible PVC banner with a tear-resistant polyester fabric embedded between two
    white vinyl layers and a non-glare finish. The Océ SCRM15 has excellent light blocking capabilities, and is inkjet coated to give excellent
    overall print quality. It can be sewn or grommeted for finishing as well. .

Physical properties*
• Basis Weight -550 gsm
• Caliper: 16 mil
• Whiteness: > 135 CIE
• Opacity: 100%
• Gloss:@60° <4
*Target Values

• Outdoor durable
• Heavyweight scrim
• Smooth printing surface

Recommended Storage Conditions and Shelf Life
• Store in clean, dry area away from direct sunlight
• Temperature 68°-77°F. (20°-25°C).
Relative Humidity 30-70%.
• Repack opened rolls when not in use
• When not in use, media should be stored in its original packaging in a vertical position.
• Shelf life is one year from the date of manufacture when stored in original packaging.

Environmental,Health & Safety
• No Material Safety Data Sheet required.
• Waste not suited for recycling.

Main Applications
• Indoor/outdoor banners
• Tradeshow and portable displays

Handling Recommendations
Due to the absorptive nature of the coating,you should avoid touching the coated surface.
It is always recommended that cotton gloves be worn when handling ink jet coated materials.
Rolls are supplied coated side out. Allow material to stabilize to room conditions 24 hours before use.

Light Fastness
The fading time of ink jet is a direct result of the ink used and the environment where the print is displayed. All dye based inks fade noticeably under direct sunlight and in interior applications where direct sunlight baths the image and/or where fluorescent or other UV producing light is present. UV enhanced inks, pigment based inks and certain UV inhibiting laminates will extend the fade time of the print. Consult the ink manufacturer to determine suitability for any application.

Item Number

SCRM152460 24” x 60’ 1 Roll 3”
SCRM153660 36” x 60’ 1 Roll 3”
SCRM154260 42″ x 60′ 1 Roll 3″
SCRM156060 60″ x 60′ 1 Roll 3″





 OCE OBSCRM  –  15 mil Scrim Vinyl w/ Block Out Spec Sheet

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