Scotchgard SGH6 Scotchguard™ Gloss Paint Protection Film


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Scotchgard SGH6 Scotchguard™ Gloss Paint Protection Film

Scotchgard SGH6 Scotchguard™ Gloss Paint Protection Film
6 Mil Gloss Clear Coat Protective Film.

24″ X 30′
• 5 year outdoor durability.
• Permanent clear adhesive.
• For flat or simple curved surfaces.
• Protects against stones, sand, road debris, bug acids and other harsh conditions.–


Scotchgard SGH6 Scotchguard™ Gloss Paint Protection Film

This technical update outlines the recommended procedures for the installation of
Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film (PPF) from 3M. It details application techniques and
materials necessary for a successful installation.

Scotchgard PPF is a durable high-grade colorless urethane film applied to high-impact
areas of your vehicle that take the brunt of damaging stones and road debris. The film
helps protect from stone chips, scratches, bug damage, road tar stains and automotive fluid
stains, as well as punishing outdoor weathering. Automotive OEMs use this film to protect
visible surfaces such as the leading edge of the hood, rocker panels, wheel flairs, door
openings – and other non-visible surfaces. Scotchgard PPF offers excellent film clarity and
gloss retention, with a proprietary, protective clearcoat for optimal surface protection.

Shelf Life,
Shipping &
1. One year from date of receipt.
2. Acceptable shipping and storage conditions: 40°F – 80°F (4°C-27°C) and 10-90%
relative humidity.
3. Recommended storage conditions for optimum shelf life: 72°F (22°C) and 50%
relative humidity.

When storing a pre-cut 3M™ Digital Design Pattern Kit:
1. Reverse roll the kit, so the liner shows the 3M logo on the outside of the rolled kit.
2. The reverse rolled kit should be no smaller than 2 ¾” inches in diameter and should fit
in a 3” tube.
3. Winding the kit any tighter than 2 ¾” inches or winding it with the film side out can
affect the film stability.

Equipment Application Tools 3M Part Number
Orange Urethane Squeegee 71607
Yellow Turbo Squeegee Available on
3M™ Perfect-It Detail Cloth 06020
3M™ General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner (GPAC) 08984
3M™ Glass Cleaner 08888
3M™ Performance Finish 39030
Spray Bottles (2 each – 16 oz.)
70% Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol*
Johnson’s® Baby Shampoo
Source of Clean Tap Water

These products are available on the 3M e-store – If these products are
not available, RapidTac (a non-3M product) adhesive remover works well.

*Note: When using solvents, extinguish all ignition sources, including pilot lights and
follow the manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use.


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