Seal® Pure Color™ Apollo Flag™ 3.2 Oz/Yd2 Polyester Flag


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SEAL® Pure Color™ Apollo Flag™
A lightweight 3.2 oz/yd2 polyester flag that is perfect for use with any flag system, plus it features a paper backing that allows it to be printed without the use of a mesh printing kit. For bright colors with great bleed through, this is the product of choice. It is designed for use with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV printers and is available in 42”, 54” and 64” widths. The newest range of SEAL media products, Pure Color Media seamlessly combines form and function. Each specially designed product delivers optimum color vibrancy and sharp detail when printed with various types of wide format printers. Pure Color Media delivers radiantly beautiful prints, everytime, without guess work.

Properties at a Glance
• Weight – 3.24 oz/yd2
(110 g/m2
• Gloss Level – matte
• Thickness – 11 mil (280 ?)
• Thread – 100% polyester
• Weave – light knit
• Outdoor durability – 6 months
• Flags
• Window draperies
• Indoor and outdoor banner displays
• Retail signage and POP displays
Printer Compatibility
• Roland – excellent compatibility with solvent & eco solvent printers.
• HP – excellent compatibility with solvent, eco solvent and latex printers.
• Mimaki – excellent compatibility with solvent & eco solvent printers.
• Mutoh – excellent compatibility with solvent & eco solvent printers.
• UV cure printers – compatibility with roll-roll and hybrid printers. Paper backer allows media to be
used with most flat bed printers.
Printer Setting Suggestions
• Pre, platen and post heat: Use mid range setting (max of 35o
C) to ensure easy removal of paper
• Use 720 x 720 dpi for best results.
• Use a cast vinyl profile and high quality setting as a starting point.
• For better bleed through on graphics without much detail, use double strike mode.
• For best color matching results create a profile – see for available
• For UV printing use low energy cure setting to prevent media curl.
• Outdoor use is not recommended with UV inks.
Product Reference Sheet
Neschen® Pure Color™ Media
Apollo Flag™
Features Advantages Benefits
High performance coating Gives great bleed through Better color visible on reverse side
Paper backer Paper backer absorbs ink that passes
through media
Allows for printing without needing a
mesh kit
Light weight Lighter than other types of polyester
textiles and media
Easier to install, less expensive to ship
Finishing Recommendations
• Cutting – product can be cut with fabric scissors and will not fray, but for best results use a heat
knife and blade (Neschen item # 600HSG0 & 600H205) on glass or other heat resistant surface
with a metal ruler to seal the edges.
• Sewing – use polyester thread to prevent material puckering.
• Hemming Tape – banner tape can be used in place of stitching. Check for adhesive compatibility
with fabric as some adhesives do not stick well to fabric.
• Cleaning – if graphic becomes soiled, use a lint-free, clean cloth with warm soapy water and
gently rub the affected areas. Do not immerse in water or use cleaning products as these can
damage the graphic. Test all cleaning procedures on a small inconspicuous area (or on a
previously printed test print) so that it does not affect the graphic. Rubbing wet ink may cause
• Wrinkle Removal – the best way to eliminate any wrinkles that form during transport or storage of
the graphic is with a handheld steamer. Use the setting recommended for polyester fabrics and
apply the steam to the back side of the graphic.
• Outdoor displays – secure graphic to prevent wind damage.
Storage Conditions
• Store unused media in the plastic over wrap to protect it from humidity changes and
contaminants. Store media on an even flat surface to prevent dents that may affect imaging
performance. Media may also be stored standing on end or on a media caddy.
• 60º to 80ºF and 40 to 65% RH
o Product should be used within one year when stored at above conditions.

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